Police remind people to make a report if they see violent posts


DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) – The Dubuque Police Department said it wants people to report social media posts to police if they believe it could lead to violence.

This comes in light of the Uvalde shooting where 19 children and two teachers were killed when an 18-year-old shooter entered the building. The shooter had posted pictures of the weapons and ammunition on social media.

“It’s horrible,” said Lt. Ted McClimon. “Unfortunate, it’s something we’re seeing more often across America.”

Lt. McClimon says people should report any post that makes them feel uncomfortable.

“Anything that you feel concerning, that could harm others, or potentially put someone in danger,” he said.

Once a report is made, Lt. McClimon said an investigation could start to locate the individual or determine if there is a threat.

“If they’re threatening a specific structure, that’s an immediate and continuous follow-up until we locate the individual or come to some sort of conclusion,” he said. “Those could move pretty quickly until we can figure out what happened.”

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4 thoughts on “Police remind people to make a report if they see violent posts

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  2. They don’t care about the violence against us
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    Because it’s coming

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