2 thoughts on “Police use DOGS and BATONS to disperse anti-lockdown protesters in Amsterdam

  1. The protesters had the numbers. If they all kept advancing they could have beat these guys. No one wants to be the front line. We have to talk more about what it means to be willing to be on the FRONT line. Not for pussies. But besides all that, to sic those dogs on people standing up for their rights is to show the face of communism to the world. “Here’s what we’ll do to you if you resist.”

    Oh yeah, and here’s what we’ll do to you…


  2. Ssshhhhh
    All right, people of Amsterdam, I’m going to throw you a bone here.
    Go buy you a box of rat poison and a pound of hamburger. Should be able to make three or four nice little balls of rat poison laced hamburger. Then everybody throw them at once. Feed the doggies and watch them die.

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