Portland Mayor Blames White Supremacists for Election Unrest

Free Beacon – by Alex Nester

Portland’s Democratic mayor Ted Wheeler—who this summer said he’d let violence from leftist protesters “burn itself out”—blamed “concerns” over election-week unrest on white supremacist groups.

“Given the heightened concerns about potential violence, particularly from white supremist [sic] organizations and the divisive rhetoric from Washington, D.C., the need for coordination and partnership takes on statewide significance,” Wheeler tweeted on Monday. “Oregon is likely to be a flashpoint.”

In a series of tweets, Wheeler outlined the city’s steps to prepare for another wave of violence following Tuesday’s election. City law enforcement has been preparing “for several weeks” for a “wide-range of scenarios,” Wheeler said, and police officers will not be allowed to take time off.

The Justice Department in September labeled Portland an “anarchist jurisdiction” because Wheeler and other city leaders failed to support local law enforcement when anti-police rioters—many of whom identify with the leftist anarchist group Antifa—swarmed Portland’s streets for more than 100 consecutive nights.

During that time, the rioters repeatedly targeted a federal courthouse—once barricading officers inside the building before launching fireworks toward it—and burned the city’s police union headquarters.

In an interview with Oregon Public Broadcasting this summer, Wheeler said he planned to let the rioting and violence “burn itself out.”

After protesters targeted his condominium numerous times this summer, Wheeler announced in September he would move to keep himself and his neighbors safe. He is up for reelection on Tuesday.

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9 thoughts on “Portland Mayor Blames White Supremacists for Election Unrest

      1. I feel like “warp speed” could apply to how fast it’s gonna kick off, Mark. They dragged their heels for a long time, picked up the pace exponentially, and I feel like they’re go into overdrive next. Hell, they may even go to PLAID!

        I’ll settle for supersonic from our end.

  1. This guy think he’s a comedian?
    Like he thinks he’s funny or something
    Hey Fcktard Ted
    We’re taking names
    Yer on the list

  2. I hope everyone realizes, other than us trenchers, that we are in the middle of a communist revolution. The Antifa and BLM marxists are highly trained, financed and coordinated. Plus they have the support of scum bag traitors like Wheeler.

    1. These f-king Marxists will be slaughtered by a billion guns and a trillion rounds of ammunition.
      You think they are that highly trained?

  3. WBW
    Get the truth who’s controlling him

    Make his life so unbearable that he has to confess
    They said Intel was useable from water boarding , I didn’t agree
    But for him we should make an exception

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