Portsmouth yard preparing ship for Syria chemical weapons disposal

Portsmouth yard preparing ship for Syria chemical weapons disposalWhy do American taxpayers have to pay for this foreign chemical cleanup?

WVEC News 13

PORTSMOUTH (AP) — A cargo ship is being outfitted in Virginia with sophisticated technology capable of destroying Syria’s chemical weapons.

The 648-foot MV Cape Ray is undergoing work in a Portsmouth shipyard before sea trials and its expected voyage to the Mediterranean. The vessel in the Maritime Administration’s ready reserve is rolling out the gangplank Thursday for media visits.  

A key shipboard addition is a high-tech system that can neutralize lethal chemical weapons such as nerve gas with water and bleaching compounds. It could treat more than two dozen metric tons of chemicals daily in international waters.

The confirmed use of chemical weapons last August in a suburb of Damascus, Syria, killed 1,400 people, according to the U.S. government. That led to a U.S.-Russian agreement for eliminating Syria’s chemical weapons.


3 thoughts on “Portsmouth yard preparing ship for Syria chemical weapons disposal

  1. Why pay for it??? Because the tyrannical puppet zionist controlled U.S government that you voted in was ready to kill possibly millions of civilians and a popular loved leader over them. I think, as the U.S made such an unbelievable farce over it, they should at least help with their disposal if it means enough to them that they would murder a country!!!! What a joke! God bless us all…

  2. So what are they going to do with the soupy mix of chemicals, bleaches and water when they are done? Oh wait…let me guess. They are going to dump it in the Med. I’m sure that’s probably pretty safe…what with Dilution and all.

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