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On the common ground of my forefathers I will stand. And stand firmly I will!

As the culture of America continues to change toward a new order, we witness the incremental eradication of our basic God given rights to live our lives accordingly and freely. Everywhere you turn, especially in the food groups, there is talk of ‘community’, consensus, change, and interdependence, it is truly Orwellian. The transformation of the United States into a Communist country is nearly complete. The founding documents of our once beloved America come under attack and are ridiculed. Many ‘foodies’ have usurped and bastardized the terms food freedom and liberty, all the while pressuring us with their Anarcho-Communist ideals. Their Marxist opinions take precedence over our basic God given rights guaranteed by our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence.     

Many fall for the lies of the Anarcho-Communist food activists who preach that food is the center of all things, not God, and the only way you can be successful is to be part of their community. What? We need to be good little Communists in order to be ‘recognized’ by these self serving masters and the controlled opposition leaders? Oh well, as for myself I prefer to remain unrecognizable, rather than be a traitor openly trashing our founding fathers and the documents of freedom and liberty.

The American tradition of being independent is trash talked and you must accept the Anarcho-Communist platform of community interdependence. Any thoughts outside the anthroposophical realm of their dark esoteric philosophy are derided in their attempt to ensnare you into their claws while telling you all is warm and fuzzy. These godless leaders promote everything that is phallic and secular humanist. Those same godless leaders are constantly taking your money for what you believe is doing some good, but in reality they use your own money to lead you down that infamous road of perdition. Now that you have arrived at their lair you too begin to reject anything truly patriotic. The most common rejection by the ‘community’, after Christianity, is that of the Second Amendment, followed by private property rights. 

What, no place in the food freedom movement for the Second Amendment? No room for private property rights? No room for Christianity? At least that is what many of the greenie libtard change agents who proclaim themselves food sovereignty heros so graciously lead you to believe through the use of their hypnotic rallying and stepford wife type leadership. 

To support patriotic farmers results in chastisement and actual hatred ensues from their bowels. Take note of the foodies who refused to support the Bundy family? Why would you not support an American rancher that is standing on solid ground? All because the true well regulated Constitutional Militia showed up en masse to defend the Bundy’s from federal tyranny? Why must one not step on the liberal toes of those who hate the Second Amendment? Why does one have to brace for a verbal attack by the anarcho-communist ‘community’ when supporting the Second Amendment? Don’t these libtard trolls realize that the First Amendment applies to everyone? Don’t these people realize they are bordering on treason? These change agents are in fact complicit in the destruction of America and are doing the moral damage Monsanto fails to do. Monsanto destroys your soil, your micro-biology, and your overall physical well being. The change agents from the communities who cry food sovereignty and interdependence destroy your soul and your country. They will exchange your liberty for a false sense of security usually sold to you as community interdependence. But why is it alright for these same self serving leftists to be continually inflammatory in their speech towards patriotism? Why is it not regarded as treasonous to continually quote known Communists? Where is our once beloved America?

It is Agenda 21 and globalization that is being masqueraded as food sovereignty. These people bastardize the term food freedom and steal your wealth while deceiving you. They have subtly worked your mind into a marxist state, slowly but surely you are reigned in with the warm and fuzzy feelings of being part of the community. Let’s all hold hands and sing kumbaya, let’s pray to the trees, let’s accept as normal all kinds of perversion, let’s claim the earth as our mother, let’s do all things together, but don’t you dare recognize the one true triune God or our Constitutional Republic. Don’t you dare cry out loud “No king but King Jesus”. Don’t you dare speak out against perversion. Don’t you dare take a stand for legal immigration. Don’t you dare allow Christ into your hearts. Don’t you dare act masculine if you are male. Don’t you dare show your support for the Second Amendment. Don’t you dare protect your private property with the tools of the Second Amendment. Don’t you dare take a stand against legislation and regulations that give government authoritarian control over your food, unless it is done under the darkness of Anthroposophy.

Welcome to the America of the New World Order where Anthroposophy is the only accepted form of ‘religion’ in the food rights arena. Anthroposophy is the religion of the New World Order, it is Marxist in its nature, and it has many tentacles, learn what they are and how to recognize them. These anthroposophical agents of change are true enemies of the state. So if you want to preserve your food freedom take a stand on solid ground, which is the common ground of our forefathers. Stand firm! 

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