Propagandists Intensify Attacks on Occupy Protesters

The neo-cons have become insistent in their rudeness toward the Occupy Wall Street protesters.  The talking heads are now staging phony debates among themselves in reference to shutting the protests down because individuals within the protest have been breaking laws, saying people have been raped, drugs have been dealt, and some have defecated on the streets.  “Can’t there be some way these protests can be stopped in the name of law and order?”

Well I’ll tell you what neo-con, as no protester charged with any crime on Wall Street or at any other protest in this country has been convicted yet, you have committed an offense against our justice system in stating the crimes as facts.  And every person held under accusation should be immediately released because the mainstream media has reported that they are guilty, thus they cannot receive a fair trial.

This is where dealing with an army of individuals as a group becomes impossible.  This is the beauty of the leaderless cause.  If only the corporate elite could deal with us as a single problem rather than millions of individual ones.

These propagandists went on to say that the protesters were violating city ordinances in that not only are they not allowed to camp on public property, but cannot even lie down on a bench in a public park.

I have to say they have a yard of guts bringing up city ordinances when the people in the streets are there as a result of international felonies committed by the very individuals that own and control the mainstream media.

One of the reporters said she hated walking past the protesters on her way to work, saying, “Shouldn’t the protests be stopped?”  What, if nothing else other than in the name of not making the elite feel uncomfortable?  What the hell do these people think these protests are for?  They say they are bothered by the drums.  Well maybe they had better listen to the drums and pay heed to the warning before the drums are replaced with pitchforks, torches, and guillotines.

These elitists are the epitome of arrogance.  Tell you what, you propagandist whores.  We have not begun to inconvenience you.  You are about to find out just how far we will go to take back the $30 trillion you have stolen from us.  How dare you criticize our methods?  THEIVES!

I believe if you truly understood the intensity of the hate for your elitist minority asses, you would rethink what you are broadcasting to the world and how it might be used at your trial.  If you think we are just going to shut up and go away, you are sorely mistaken.  Things are just going to continue to get worse for you, every day as they continue to get worse for us.

And no matter how much you hate it, there is one fact you will never change.  You are the minute few and we are the many and your days are numbered.  So go ahead, leave a clear concise record of your arrogance and contempt for us.

Remember, every dog has its day and when the time comes from the top down, the elite will be throwing the elite at us to be destroyed as they try to flee.  Ruff ruff.  Revenge is a dish best served cold and this winter is shaping up to be one of the coldest in history.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. What really gnashes my teeth is how these faux talking heads (and we know who they are) in one breath can say that the occupiers are nothing more than a group of misguided,untidy, lazy unemployed misfits unwilling to seek out a job to earn a living…THEN…in an about face go into a rant with one another about how Obama’s failed policies have done nothing to improve the ongoing crisis in the job market and how average wages have not kept pace with the increase in the CPI over the course of these past decades. Now, to be clear, I am not an Obama fan nor would I back up his policies. The bankster money creators ultimately run the show (imo) and Obama is just another in a long line of puppets who bend to the will of a variety of corporate masters. My point is about how obvious a lack of credibility exists when these slanted blabber faux heads who acknowledge that a job crisis exists, yet their immediate answer to the protestors is to get a job and earn a living. Further it’s not all about jobs or the lack of opportunity in general. Those are symptoms of a greater problem like the extortion of our resources and our wealth, the broken political system of true representation, so on. At any rate……just sayin’.

  2. I say that the OccupyWallStreet leaders should file suit with the F.C.C against this pathetic excuse for a news organization for false reporting. These Fox News flunkies have been caught lying through their perfectly white veneer covered teeth . I had it with these ………….

    Make them cough up a couple $million dollars. How much more of this pig slop are we supposed to put up with? Better yet, From The Trenches should file a law suit just for shits and giggles.

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