Operation Gun Walker/Gunrunner/Fast and Furious – What?

The obvious gunrunning and drug dealing the US government is involved in, and has been involved in for many years, can no longer be denied.  No thinking person could put forth the assertion that Operation Gunrunner/Fast and Furious was just a case of a government foul up.  The more the situation comes to light, the more obvious the obvious becomes.

We are now being told that the gunrunning and drug dealing has been tracked back to 2007 with Operation Gun Walking under the Bush administration.  This is blatant felonious crime and it is all right out in the open.

In the world of we the people, if one gun could be found that led back to any one of us, there would be no delay.  We would be arrested and held incarcerated while the authorities built a case against us.

Here we have Operation Gun Walking, Operation Gunrunner, and Operation Fast and Furious, revealed on the evening news, and not only has no one gone to jail, but none have even been charged yet.  As the evidence piles up month to month, the egregious treason is only being identified as a possible embarrassing scandal, with a worst case scenario being described as the kingpin of this gunrunning drug operation, Eric Holder, might be forced to resign.  Oh my.

That is not to say that Eric Holder is the highest person in authority who was involved in this crime, but I guess our presidency has become like the royal aristocracies wherein the king can commit no crime.

People, this is high treason that has resulted in the death of American citizens.  In a true United States Constitutional Republic, these are capital crimes, punishable by death, which just goes to show the complete contempt the Obama led foreign insurgency has for we the people.

Acting under the theory that the only power the US government has is that which is granted by the people, how can this government claim to have the authority to legally take actions that, if taken by one of us, is illegal?

It is time for the American people to enforce our laws and punish the criminals that hold no allegiance to the Republic and are in reality working diligently to destroy everything our country stands for.

I will put this as clearly as I can.  Those holding our highest seats of power have declared us their enemy and have made clear their intention to destroy us.  Never in our history has the obligation of the citizen to defend the Republic been more clear.  Has life become so precious that we will allow ourselves to be conquered by handful of international hooligans?

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