Protesters set Sri Lankan prime minister’s private residence on fire, his office says


Protesters have broken into the private residence of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and set it on fire, according to the prime minister’s office. 

Wickremesinghe was not in the residence at the time it was breached. He had been moved earlier to a safer location, his office said.

Live video streamed by local media and seen by CNN showed the residence engulfed in flames as crowds gathered at the scene.

The private residence on Fifth Lane in the commercial capital of Colombo is where the prime minister and his family reside. It is separate from the official residence, called Temple Trees.

Wickremesinghe earlier said he was willing to resign and make way for an all-party government to take over.

5 thoughts on “Protesters set Sri Lankan prime minister’s private residence on fire, his office says

  1. It’s only a shame he wasn’t enjoying time with his family duct taped to the sofa.

    Good job, Sri Lankans!

    And that’s how you vote. American nationals, take notes.

  2. So they “stormed his residence and set it on fire,” and they “swam in his pool.” Did they pee in the pool? Ha!! But article says, “The president has been moved elsewhere.” When? How? That brings suspicion.

    Anyway, reportedly they forced a resignation. Could be this early July ’22 is proving to be something of a time of the people. Guidestones down, heads of state objecting to the jabs, European farmers throwing manure on the homes of their “officials.” The disarmed doing what they can. Perhaps earth is finding its spine.

    Yeah, protests do nothing, but that’s said about PEACEFUL protests. These protests are going further, escalating, and you know what they say about snowballs rolling down hills.


    1. About those so-called “Heads of State” questioning or refusing the jabs for the people… I see it as a symptom of the pressure the people are putting on them. They’re trying to not be taken out. But the whole enchilada is filled with worms. Heads of State are coming to be known as Heads of Tyranny.


    2. All a peaceful protest can ever accomplish is violence inflicted on a defenseless population, from the other side. The whole world saw how the Canadians were abused when the “citizens” stood up to their covid (doesn’t exist) coward. They came to have a conversation, but he ran away and hid out at his cottage. His hench men trampled on the most vulnerable among them, with their horses! They beat up fragile old men. They did harm to their women and children! They continue to laugh all the way to the bank as the “citizens” lose their jobs and they keep theirs. They grew up in what they believed was a free country. The “citizens” took their freedom for granted. Only when they started beating them down, based on a colossal lie, did they refer to their freedom laws which to this day, nobody can possibly defend. Too many loop holes. Before all of this came down, I had already spent 3 years at the Trenches, which prepared me for this fight. The law of 1791 has been coming to life in my mind. With everything the Trenches has brought to bear for the power of the individual, I am thankful.

  3. I hope those protestors remembered to fly the flag at half staff for Abe.

    that was in my inbox today. lower the flag for a foreigner.

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