Putin accepts his invitation to the G20 summit in November


Russian President Vladimir Putin has accepted an invitation to attend the G20 summit that will be held on the Indonesian island of Bali in November, the country’s President Joko Widodo said in a statement Friday.

“Indonesia wants to unite the G20. Don’t let there be a split. Peace and stability are the keys to the recovery and development of the world economy,” Widodo said in the statement from Indonesia’s Cabinet.

Widodo also extended an invitation earlier this week to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who tweeted he was “grateful” for the invite, but did not specify whether he would attend the summit.

Earlier this week, Widodo spoke with Putin and Zelensky in separate phone calls, during which he conveyed to Putin the importance of ending the war in Ukraine “immediately” and Indonesia’s desire to contribute to a peaceful resolution to the conflict, according to the statement.

Widodo said he conveyed to Zelensky Indonesia’s readiness to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine but not military assistance, which he said is prohibited by Indonesia’s constitution and its foreign policy principles.


One thought on “Putin accepts his invitation to the G20 summit in November

  1. So, the so-called First World still wants to rub elbows with he whom they are currently painting as a monster. If this ain’t proof that they’re all in on it I don’t know what is!!

    They will sit next to each other at fine dining tables. There will be proprieties, and exotic delicacies. Smiles, nods, handshakes, a slap on the back here and there. Grand agreements and assurances.

    But so much can happen between now and November. So very much.


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