Quantitative Sleazing

Doug Ross @ Journal

Commenting at The Saddest Chart in America, the eponymous Anonymous writes:

US debt held by the public is now at about the same level as it was when Obama was elected. The deficit spending is financed by bonds from treasury, but they are being bought by the fed. 

Therefore, to be precise, we are printing new money to ‘pay’ for 42 cents of every dollar the federal government is spending.

Here, from the St. Louis Fed, is the chart of doom.


We won’t be destroyed by the 16 trillion dollar debt. We will be destroyed by the hyperinflation resulting from the massive expansion to the money supply. Once it costs a billion or so for a loaf of bread, they’ll pay off the debt.

Only a moron, an intellectually bankrupt progressive stooge, or Paul Krugman could support this madness. That which they would never do to their own families, they impose upon us with the force of law. I can not, in good conscience, stand silent while the most magnificent society ever seen on the face of the Earth is intentionally sabotaged from within.


One thought on “Quantitative Sleazing

  1. How high can the national debt go before SHTF?

    18 Trillion?
    20 Trillion?
    25 Trillion?
    27 Trillion?

    At our current rate, we’ll be at $27T by the next Presidential election.

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