Stockpile: DHS announces second $4.5 million gun purchase in less than a week

Sig Sauer .40 calThe Examiner – by Dave Gibson

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) posted details of a no bid contract with weapons manufacturer Sig Sauer, worth $4.5 million over the next five years.

The contract is identical to the one DHS announced last week with Heckler & Koch.

Both contracts are for $900,000 worth of “replacement parts” a year, for weapons used by DHS agents. 

While it is hard to imagine how or why a domestic agency could anticipate firing their weapons enough over the next five years to need $1.8 million annually in replacement parts, the DHS documents clearly state their need to “stock sufficient quantities of parts needed to fulfill the quantities of parts anticipated to be ordered.”

In April 2012, DHS purchased $143,000 worth of submachine guns from Heckler & Koch.

See the details of that contract…

Of course, this comes on the heels of the news that DHS is purchasing 2,717 ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ vehicles for urban use.

In light of the Obama administration’s push for gun-grabbing legislation, a flurry of “multi-agency training drills” inside our cities and towns, the dismissal of several well-respected military leaders and the purchase of urban tanks, along with 2 billion rounds of ammunition…one need not be a conspiracy theorist to be genuinely concerned about the imminent threat to our freedoms, as well as to our very lives.

8 thoughts on “Stockpile: DHS announces second $4.5 million gun purchase in less than a week

  1. I suggest this is more about clogging up the manufacturing capabilities than an actual need. Feds are also pumping $80B into Remmington. One way to keep guns out of our hands is to buy up manufacturers shop tome. Sadly, they’re doing it with our money. We’re in an arms race. They’re doing it with ammo also

  2. Ain’t Skeeered!!!
    All those parts, weapons, ammo, tanks, drones, fema camps, and guillotines will all belong to and be in the rightful hands, in no time, of… We the people!!!

    We should be thankful that they are taking care of most of our logistics for us. When the true patriots among them standdown and come over to our side they will bring that stuff with them. That’s the way I see it!

  3. I trust what they say out of DHS like I trust the DOJ to prosecute banksters. Hopefully there will be discussion oversight or dis-arming/de-activating of DHS before such discussion is too late.

  4. NDAA was a declaration of war against the American people, or maybe you weren’t paying attention.

    1. NDAA twas d.o.w. against the AmerPeop. brevity

      I paid attention just fine. I protected about 12K people. I got my message out to more than that. The fake wikipedia crap give me a break.

      My message was this, echo “DENY FROM ALL” > .htaccess

      look it the F up.


      I have some solutions, but if your not electronics adept….

    2. Legal Eagle
      Maybe you are the one who has not been paying attention. We are in the greatest civillian arms build up in the history of the world. Let me help you out here. Go down to any local gunshop and try to buy an AR15 and a case of .223. Which, a few years ago could be easily done. While you are there scratching your head wondering why so many people are there when they have no product to sell, why don’t you ask them if they have been paying attention to whats been going on. Bahahaha!

      You insult our intelligence, sir/miss

  5. The Department of Homeland Security is a D.C Municipal Agency, a product of the “Patriot Act”. The “Patriot Act” is an International Agreement, no even a treaty, based on the Co-operation Agreement of Security of Europe, Title 22 U.S.C. Foreign Relations

    Pasted below is the D.C municipal code.
    District of Columbia Code
    § 7-2202. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency authorized; Director and other personnel; compensation [Formerly § 6-1402].
    (a) To carry out the purposes of this chapter, the Mayor of the District of Columbia is authorized to establish in the municipal government of such District a Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency to consist of a Director and such other personnel as may be needed. Such Director shall be the executive head of such Agency……….
    One of the more important statutory restrictions which secures and reinforces Congress’ authority is at 4 U.S.C. §§ 71 & 72. The first of these sections establishes territory within the current borders of the District of Columbia as the seat of government for the United States; the second prohibits any government department from operating outside the District of Columbia save as Congress authorizes by statute:
    Sec. 72. Public offices; at seat of Government
    All offices attached to the seat of government shall be exercised in the District of Columbia, and not elsewhere, except as otherwise expressly provided by law.

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