Rand Paul Joined Banned Masonic Fraternity

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Sen. Rand Paul is a frontrunner for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination. “Randy” attended the world’s largest Baptist University but felt it necessary to join a secret society, “the NoZe” that had been banned by the university as anti-Christian and subversive. Why does this matter? It confirms our belief that most politicians are Freemasons and politics is a charade.

The following is an excerpt dealing with his NoZe membership from a Rand Paul profile in the current New Yorker

It’s worth remembering that the Illuminati created Libertarianism as part of their strategy of dialectic control.

“I was a little bit irked by him making himself out to be all about God and country and all about conservative values, because he was clearly not promoting that when I knew him,”– Kristy Ditzler

by Ryan Lizza
The Revenge of Rand Paul

“…George, now a teacher and consultant living in Austria, drew Rand into a secret society at Baylor known as the NoZe Brotherhood, which had recently been banned from campus. The group was founded in the nineteen-twenties mostly to mock Baylor’s clubs and fraternities and to satirize its earnest religiosity. In 1982, Baylor’s president condemned the group for its “sacrilegious, vulgar, obscene, and sometimes tasteless crudities.” For initiation, called “unrush,” Rand was required to submit a satirical essay of “10,622 words or less.” …

The brothers liked Rand’s essay, and he moved on to the next stage in the initiation, the Raz. According to George, the brothers put a bag over Rand’s head and spirited him away to their “sanctum sanctorum,” a garage behind the group’s off-campus headquarters, known as Xanadu. It was decorated with items that George, whose secret name was KleptoNoZe, had stolen, including “a box full of human skulls” that he said he’d found in a science building and a jacket he’d taken from a police officer.

Rand was placed in a claw-foot bathtub while the brothers gathered around him in absurdist costumes they called “undress,” shone a bright light on his face, and tested his wits by shouting ridiculous questions. (“What effect did orthodontics have on nineteenth-century Romanticism?”) Rand excelled at the Raz and advanced to a more serious interview–conducted under a highway bridge–before being confirmed for membership. The brothers gave him his secret name: SpoonNoZe.


Paul must be aware that his past will attract minute scrutiny if he runs for President. Just as he was gliding to victory in the 2010 Senate race, an episode from his days in the NoZe Brotherhood threatened to upend his campaign. GQ.com posted a report in which an anonymous source said that Paul and another NoZe brother had taken her from her apartment, encouraged her to smoke pot, and asked her to pray to something called Aqua Buddha. The source for the story was Kristy Ditzler, Paul’s friend from the Baylor swim team. His collaborator in the prank was George Paul. Ditzler and George Paul agreed to talk to me about the controversy.

Paul and George had driven to Ditzler’s apartment and asked her to put a bandanna around her eyes. “They did pretend they were abducting me, but it wasn’t a forced sort of thing,” Ditzler said. They took her to another apartment and removed the blindfold. “It was weird, with all of these tents with bongs inside and piles of clothing. Completely bizarro.” Ditzler said that George and Rand asked her to go into one of the tents and smoke pot, but when she declined they drove to a creek in Elm Mott, north of Waco, and told her to wade into the water and worship Aqua Buddha. “They never explained what was going on, but that’s the way they were about everything–vague and mysterious.”

George offered a slightly different version–they took her to a dark pub, where they had an easel set up and pretended to sketch a portrait of her while reading Kant–but he insisted that no drugs were involved, not even his nitrous pleasure units. He also said that the Aqua Buddha incident took place on another night, when he and Paul blindfolded Ditzler and several other members of their swim team by putting cotton in their goggles, and then loaded them into the back of a pickup and drove to the creek, where they were asked to “pay homage to the Aqua Buddha, and then we all went swimming.” He explained that Aqua Buddha was an inside joke on the swim team. During practice, George, Rand, and others would descend to the bottom of the pool and strike a Buddha pose, creating an amusing sight for swimmers at the surface. “It broke the monotony and helped us get through the workout,” he told me.

When the anonymous version of the story emerged, Paul quickly tracked down George. “I had just gotten off a sailboat and I saw a bunch of calls,” George told me. “He said someone may try to contact me, and he said, ‘Do you recall anything about that?’ ”
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Rand’s Democratic opponent, Jack Conway, and his allies alleged that Paul had kidnapped Ditzler, and they described the NoZe Brotherhood as an anti-Christian cult. But nobody else could find George, and Ditzler refused to discuss the event on the record, so the story faded away.

Ditzler, who is a Democrat, was appalled by how Rand’s political opponents mischaracterized the GQ.com interview. “I would not use that as a specific reason not to vote for him,” she told me, but she thought the incident raised a larger question, one that many others are now asking about the Senator. “The only reason I felt like speaking up was that I was a little bit irked by him making himself out to be all about God and country and all about conservative values, because he was clearly not promoting that when I knew him,” Ditzler said. “I mean, we all change, we all have a past. If he’s changed, why can’t he just say that he’s changed?”

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