Rapper, Restaurant Owner Rick Ross Says to Leave Your Gun in Your Car at His Restaurants

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Rapper, entrepreneur, restaurant owner, and licensed gun carrier Rick Ross (shown above in a Florida mugshot) says he is a supporter of the Second Amendment, but said in a recent interview that he doesn’t want guns in his chain of 25 wing restaurants.

According to The Huffington Post,  

Perhaps the most contentious opinion Ross expressed was about guns in restaurants. In March 2013, Ross was ambushed by gunmen who shot at his Rolls Royce on a Florida street. According to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department report, Ross was carrying a 9 mm handgun with 12 live rounds.

“I support the right to bear arms, I do,” he told HuffPost. “I’m a licensed carrier.”

Ross’ Boss Wings franchises mostly dot the South, a place where some welcome the National Rifle Association’s near-religious fervor for Second Amendment orthodoxy. But the rapper doesn’t want guns in his restaurants.

“When I go into public places, when I go out and I enter certain places, I believe it’s best to leave your firearm in your vehicle,” he said. “Go in and enjoy your meal.”

Personally, I find that I enjoy my meals much more when I know that I can protect myself and my family if the need arises.

Ross also spoke out against Open Carry Texas and their practice of carrying long guns in public. OCT uses this as a strategy to raise awareness of the fact that openly carried handguns are currently illegal in Texas.


4 thoughts on “Rapper, Restaurant Owner Rick Ross Says to Leave Your Gun in Your Car at His Restaurants

  1. Well I guess it is safe to say the kind of people that will go to his eat joint! Want to be thugs and that whole culture. No wonder he wants no guns their!

  2. He’s a rapper, so I’m going to assume he lives in a bad neighborhood and is afraid he is going to get shot by some gang members again.

    In any case, he can take his shit and shove it up his ass.

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