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  1. He wanted to make his list so they could check it twice and be able to figure out who would put up the most resistance to their socialist/comunist/fascist agenda for people control.

  2. Be careful, when senate votes for something right, they may have something else up their sleeves…Scenario, AJ totally broke the news that Boston bombing is false flag. Uh oh. Senate votes for no new gun control laws…uh oh. The bankers are running scared. Scenario, they dont care about the gun control measure not being passed, they will spin the boston bombing and plan something new, maybe their plan B. So keep on your toes. Dont let your guard down.
    Also, my info insiders tell me that after Syria and Iran, they plan to stab Saudi Arabia in the back and take them over also. IMO they are planting seeds that Saudi Arabia is evil. This was all planned. The Saudi guy at the bombings may have been a patsy, not Saudi Arabia coming after us with terror attacks.

    1. Jim Willie of the Golden Jackass says that the Saudis are joining with the BRIIICS Nations and are going drop the dollar also.

    2. I figure they’re up to Plan D, as far as gun control goes. Aurora, Sandy Hoax, and now this, unless you count the small U.N. arms treaty.

      You can’t really count Boston or Waco yet, until they come up with a right-wing patriot who believes in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and is exceedingly anti-gun control and anti-(so-called) ‘government’.

      I have a suspicion we may not have to wait much longer.

  3. Love the pic! A picture Does say a thousand words 🙂

    Tho, D. Gilmore your info could be correct I still have some questions/thoughts.
    Who did the prez visit first after his first election win? to thank. Who did he bow to? Ties go back to his Grandmother to the saudi’s, he keeps in touch with his aunt that has strong saudi connections. What religion was he raised?
    Hmmm? like I said, your info could be right, but……
    Guess I need to do more research on the subject, the research I did on this was just after he was elected the 1st time.

    Newho loved the pic!

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