4 thoughts on ““Rebel” MP’s Join Russia In The Fight Against Ukraine

  1. Geez Hal, this tore me up. I mean these guys wanting out-from-under and willing to die for their cause. Reminded me of some of the pep talks I hear and read at The Trenches. Yet, we know there is a tier above, orchestrating, pulling strings, deceiving. Are these men just innocents caught up in the global conquering game? Innocents who love their homeland and want to protect it? It seems so, but with so many deceptions out there, it’s very hard to say. And aligning with Putin?! Are these men real about their cause or are they being used? So many questions. And what of that tier above, the Jewish bankers, are they cheering on Russia, or Ukraine/NATO? Or probably BOTH, with an objective of Balkanizing (weakening) the region to better dilute loyalties and steal resources. Global communism/tyranny has so many angles, plots, and sub-plots. This most recent conflict they’ve cooked up has been so difficult for me to breakdown, and right as all the covid narrative is shifting. I tell myself, what can I do but be ready to fight, but still, I want to understand the global game because I live on the globe.


    1. galen, you really do know how to do a detailed critical analysis on a cluster f**k of chaos. One thing is certain. Ukraine is rich in resources. Guess who will stop at nothing to take them all, and guess where they hide? The vermin fester on all political sides where they chip away at everything the people need to rely on, to live and be left alone.

      1. It’s those men, Diana, the ones who were interviewed about defending their homeland, many of whom were older, even close to 70. I just want to know if they truly are on the side of liberty. I may never know, but this got me thinking about The Bill of Rights and how I wish it was being upheld, dare I say, EVERYWHERE. Yeah, I know we have to focus here at home, but I guess I have a wandering eye. 🙂 Who are those men and what are they made of?!!


        1. galen, I love our conversations. I hope I get this right. These men could be descendants of survivors of the holodomor. With that kind of national history, I can see how they would resent being under the dictatorship they are rising up against today. It looks like, based on the other video Hal posted, of the 2014 Ukraine revolution, it is quite a mixed bag of factions and border lines with Ukraine smack dab in the middle of it all where the people are just doing their best to live and thrive in the richness of their land. It’s okay to try to understand the history of Communism and all the other isms in Europe because eventually, they will all come home to roost. It all got rolling shortly after the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. I believe stolen American wealth was used to kick it all off, then, when the Romanovs were murdered, their wealth was used to pulverize Europe with the Bolshevik Revolution, and on through 2 world wars from there. Now, here we are. History about to repeat itself as nationals of Ukraine, Canada and uS rise up against the tyranny that threatens our otherwise peaceful lives and the laws that were intended to keep us free. It has all spawned from the same source. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I was oblivious to the history I care about knowing. I used to love artistic pursuits. Now, all I care about is learning what I need to know, so I can understand how history repeats itself so I can fight against what I see coming.

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