Record: 1 In 4 Women Now Own A Gun, Number Almost Doubled Since 2005

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Pat Dollard

Excerpted from NBC News: A Gallup poll reported that in 2005, 13 percent of all women owned a gun.

That number jumped to 23 percent in 2011.

Excerpted from ABC NewsFor the Sure Shots, a women-only shooting league in Austin, Texas, girl power equals firepower.

“You have to think defensively all the time,” said Holly Gaylor, a mother of two. “You have to think about it when you are in your car, you have to think about it when you are at the grocery store, I mean, it just takes a second for everything to change.”

More women than ever now own guns — a record 23 percent, according to Gallup polls. The surprising spike has spawned a cottage industry from Hello Kitty-decorated assault rifles to bling-ed out revolvers, like the one tweeted by Kim Kardashian.

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3 thoughts on “Record: 1 In 4 Women Now Own A Gun, Number Almost Doubled Since 2005

  1. I will just have to say that my wife has equal to, or better than, equipment then I do. She is actually the one who taught the kids and all of their friends how to shoot. She is also, the one who when grocery shopping, or what ever, always seems to come home with another box of ammo. She would rather spend money on ammo, then a new pair of shoes. I am so proud of her! Sometimes, I tease her by saying that I am going to throw her under the FEMA bus… Now, that one strikes a nerve! Don’t try that at your house hehe You might end up in the doghouse for awhile

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