Refugee Resettlement: The Dirty Little Secret

Abel Danger – by Vicki Davis

And so it begins… in today’s edition of the Twin Falls Times Mirror Newspaper there is a story about a white supremacist group that robo-called Idaho residents with a recorded message “espousing their defiantly racist, whites only agenda”.

This group has naturally been linked by innuendo to a local group in Twin Falls that formed to stop the refugee resettlement program at a local community college, College of Southern Idaho (CSI). Supporters of the refugee program gush about things like “cultural diversity” and ethnic restaurants as the benefit. Behind the thin veil of support is the fact that every single supporter of the program that this writer has heard benefits financially from refugee resettlement in some way. Money talks as they say.   

The opponents of the refugee resettlement program are concerned about costs to taxpayers for the resettlement programs, the costs after the resettlement money ends, the costs to our schools that are required to make significant and costly accommodations to students from other cultures and with other languages, refugees taking jobs that Idahoans want and need, the re purposing of CSI from an institution that was intended to benefit Idaho young people to a subsidiary of a privatized social services company, The Jannus Group whose sole mission is the implementation of federal programs behind the façade of a private non-profit. How we ever allowed this socialist network to settle and grow in Idaho is beyond me but then they do bring in a lot of federal grant money to spread around to buy influence so they have a lot of support in the legislature including from the allegedly conservative republican majority.

So, am I just being the Grinch who stole Christmas? Not really. What you need to know that the slavering dogs of the mainstream media won’t tell you is that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees is a hardcore Socialist. And it is the UN High Commissioner’s organization that designates who is a refugee so who do you think they are selecting as refugees to bring into this country? Huh? Anybody?

Its a standard tactic to paint the opposition to the socialist agenda in this country as racists. In 2004, there was a program on C-Span about the government strategy following the Iraq war. While the program was about Iraq, Steven Metz, an expert in insurgencies spoke about insurgencies in general. He described the modus operandi of insurgents this way:

“A successful insurgency doesn’t need a popular uprising. They only need a small percentage of active supporters. They need the public to be so afraid of them or so turned off that they are willing to be passive to stay out of the whole thing”.

The attempt to link the Committee to End the CSI Refugee Resettlement Program with an alleged white supremacist group is a classic example of the tactics of an insurgency. It is an attempt to make the public so turned off by the idea of involvement that they will stay out of the dispute. This tactic falls in the ‘dirty tricks’ category and should be understood as such by the public.

Vicky Davis
August 4, 2015

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