Devil Days in the USA

American Clarion – by Gina Miller

There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed (Luke 8:17), and we are now seeing revealed the depths of barbarity and evil of the euphemistically named Planned Parenthood.  We’re also seeing the insane lengths to which Hell’s gatekeepers will go to defend the butchering and sale of tiny baby bodies.  This nation is going to pay dearly for this abomination.  While the rabid defenders of this dark evil ludicrously try to claim it’s done for “scientific research,” I assure you that God will never allow any lifesaving medical breakthroughs to be achieved from using little baby bodies as guinea pigs.  NEVER.  The only thing that will come from such abominable “scientific research” is destruction on the nation that allows it to happen.  We are being warned right now.  That’s why this is coming to light when it is, shortly after the highest court in our land has illegally imposed a grotesque distortion of the meaning of marriage on the United States, a distortion based on detestable sexual behavior that God calls an abomination to Him.  

We are also watching our nation fall under the complete control of communist enemies who have taken over our federal government.  I don’t give a rip if anyone is unable or unwilling to see this (got that, you perversity-loving, Right Wing Watch nutters?).  It is the truth.  Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) is an enemy of the United States.  His fellow-traveling crime syndicate of an administration is full of enemies of freedom and pushers of tyranny.  They are working to tear down the freedoms and foundation of this nation.  They are destroying our constitutional Republic.  They are giving aid and comfort to our enemies, who are clearly their friends.  This is treason.  Yet there is no opposition in Congress or the courts to anything these people do, no matter how illegal or outrageous.

Why is there no opposition?  There is no doubt in my mind that those who are in the supposed opposition party are scared to death to do the right thing.  Even if they are truly opposed to the Obama Crime Syndicate, they fear to cross it.  They are being credibly threatened, bribed or otherwise coerced into non-action, and I supposed there may be some who even agree with Obama’s communist program.  The result is that we now have a communist dictator ruling the United States of America.

This is the beginning of Devil Days in the U.S.A.  The darkest days are yet to come.  Pure tyranny and destruction are headed our way.  I’m sorry if you hate to read this.  Maybe you disagree.  Hide and watch, or better yet, watch and pray, as Jesus commands.  I know of no other way to call it than as I see it.  We are well beyond a political solution, because what ails this nation is the deep corruption of a terminally diseased soul.  For this, there is no superficial cure.

While the majority of Americans (still a majority, I’m certain) do not agree with the evil society being pushed on this nation, the fact is that those in positions of power do, and we will all sink with this reprobate ship.  This nation, collectively, embraces, celebrates and mandates the most degenerate sexual behavior known to man.  This nation is using the money of its people to fund unspeakably hellish obscenities being perpetrated on the bodies of little murdered human babies, thereby making all taxpayers culpable.  The spirit of antichrist, which infects our leaders, is running the show today.

None of this means we will stop speaking against what’s happening, although I admit I am a bit weary of staring into the abyss as I watch the leaders of our nation eagerly fling the U.S. down into it.  It gets tiring repeatedly shouting from the rooftops and preaching to the choir, while the “low-information” people around us aggressively wrap themselves in apathy and ignorance, many foolishly embracing their own destruction.  It’s hard to write when I know we’re powerless to stop the demonic monster machine that’s destroying our nation.  Don’t tell me we can elect a savior.  It ain’t happening.

Speaking of Savior, however, Jesus is the only thing that keeps us sane—those of us who belong to Him, that is.  The only source for hope in this desperately lost and dying world is God, through His Son Jesus, Who gave His precious, sinless life so that we hopeless sinners could have a way to eternal life, redeemed from eternal death.  The United States will fade and fall, and it remains to be seen if its fall will be swift and sudden or not, but what will stand forever is the Word of God.  If you have never done so, now is the time to look into the truth that is only found in the Bible.  Seek salvation through Jesus Christ today, and these Devil Days will be a quickly fleeting bump on the road to an eternity of joy and peace with the one true God Who loves us more than we can possibly imagine.

4 thoughts on “Devil Days in the USA

  1. “Jesus” is going to ask you one question. Did you use jewish money exclusively or mostly to fill your needs? If you answer yes as you must he is going to turn from you. You are NOT an innocent civilian
    as long as you use what t.h.e.y. (t=the h=hebrews e=enslaving y=you) create to siphon your energy to use to their ends when you have choices such as,
    You religionists keep bleating that HE is going to free you when HE demanded YOU FREE YOURSELF! HE demands bravery not cowardice. HE demands knowledgeable adults be HIS not scared to be moral cowards. Those cowards HE leaves to his nemesis here on earth, jews. The ONLY moral course is to stop funding evil and to learn to stop using what evil people must have you use for t.h.e.m. (t=the h=hebrews e=enslaving m=mankind) to wage war against us all. HE demands people that put justice and morality above their very lives not those that make childish excuses to continue to feed evil as HIS PEOPLE! HE demands HIS people know who said “give me control of a nations currency and I care not who makes its laws” as well as WHY this evil jew said that! HE demands HIS people know why this evil incarnates wife said “if my son’s did not want wars there would be none” and why she said that! HE will not be tender to those that make excuses to continue to feed evil. HE will be just and justice must be calamitous for cowards that use the excuse of their own perceived “safety” as an excuse to continue to knowingly feed what is evil. HE will see THE CHOICE to remain ignorant of WHO this evil incarnate group is as an even worse sin than direct murder.

  2. This is an act carried out by god men, in the name of profit, power and control. It must be known that there is no longer a White House or a Washington DC. They should be referred to as the Whore House and Bloodington DC. The creeps that are there and in all places that allow the slaughter of babies have their blood on their heads. They may not pay for these murders here but will pay for them in the next life.

    We should be beating down the doors of these places forcing them to stop this innocent slaughter. None of these criminals should have a moments rest until they stop this slaughter and bring those responsible to justice. May God Creator have mercy on their souls. May He accept these poor innocent children back to Himself.

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