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  1. Yep, back in the days when Confederate flags were simply “Southern pride”, and Bugs Bunny cartoons held nothing back. lol

  2. I think people get offended on purpose. I think they find excuses to find us offensive, to hate us, because they have done things they should not have done to us out of greed, envy. After they malign us and hurt us, then they blame us for what they did to us. We offend them just because we are alive and because we are happy and we like to do what we like to do, and we’re not interested in being like everyone else or fitting in. We just want to be our own person and to please our Creator. That offends people. They don’t know why we should have anything good at all. They don’t like to see us happy — I think that’s the biggest thing. They figure if we’re happy it means we are stealing something that is theirs, or should be theirs, and why should we have something that makes us happy, when they deserve to have more. Something like that. Just a bad attitude of resentment against people who are happy doing what they do and being who they are, even if they are doing things completely different than they are. People are just self-centered and full of pride and they don’t think it’s fair that anyone should be happier than they are when their lives are lived so differently.

    1. Not really trying to bring up religion here, but you guys comments reminded me of something Jesus said. Speaking of the Jews, he said,”
      They hated me without a cause”.

    2. There is only two worlds people live in (there heads) us we live in “common sense world” and they are in “the Ego-it mind world” where they first lie to themselves and than project that on people and society.

    3. “….I think they find excuses to find us offensive, to hate us, because they have done things they should not have done to us out of greed, envy……”

      YES…. there’s a famous quote to that effect, but I forget who said it and I’m not looking it up right now, but it goes something along the lines of “you always find reason to hate those you’ve injured”.

  3. Yep, Galen, the good ol’ days when I had to learn to grow a thick skin what with all the bullying I took at elementary school (among other reasons,I have a goofy sounding Maiden name, and I was a bit of a non-conformist).The other day I made a joke comment using Disqus on an article stating Tomy Robinson (a Mossad agent and Zionist) would die in prison by a UKIP supporter, Ruby Henley. The comment said since Robinson is a Zionist maybe Benny the Yahoo (using his real name Netanyahu) should bail him out. Well this lady went full blown ballistic, stating I was a “bad” person and “God rest” my “soul”….no mention of Christ, of course, just God. She opened her screed saying “I beg your pardon…” and I answered her back, “Beg your own pardon!…” So here is this (likely Zionist supporter) lady “defending” Tommy boy’s right to free speech and denouncing my own right! I think God and Christ know a hypocrite when They see one…
    As for Robinson, if he wants to defend children from grooming gangs, maybe he should try rescuing them instead of accusing every Muslim on the planet of pedophilia!

  4. At work if my feet hurt i get a write up. If they are sore, my boss will try to accommodate me with a different job and many questions. Like when did it start and has this happened before.

    It offends me and hurts my feelings. I mean my feelings are sore.

    Gotta go…
    The shirriff is……GONG!

  5. Geez, where is everybody? It’s Saturday Night!! There must be at least one DJ out there who will send me a tune. Geez.


      1. Ha! It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.

        And here’s something I came across:

        Battle of the Bloggers:

        “Racists rarely think they are racist, just like cults don’t know they are cults, just like group-think zombies who say stuff like, coastal elite, libtard, snowflake, feminazi, SJW, etc. don’t know they are sheep with an inability for critical or original thought. IMO IMO IMO.”
        — Sarah Silverman

        “Jews were the first people in history to officially and publicly claim that they are superior to all other humans, that they’re God’s chosen people. The chosen people ideology makes Jews (your tribe) the world’s first official racists.”
        — Niko


        1. here is a question i have been asking myself. are jews a race or ideology? cani convert to judaism? yes i can. can i convert to being a black man, or an american indian? no i can’t (unless i am rachel dolezal or elizabeth warren **joke**)

          so, therefore jews are NOT a race, but an ideology. no more valid a claim to racism as those that are christian and persecuted, or those that may subscribe to the ideology of marxism.

          disagreeing with an ideology that is in a book, written by men, is NOT racist. it merely shows that thinking people disagree with the ideology.

          and if some ideological fanatics end up in camps and get murdered en-masse…. well…. that has never happened before. (sarcasm)

          1. Now why are you making me think tonight? I was taking a night off. Anyhow, pondering your questions I realize I know every answer, but I’m not telling. Ha!! Just kidding. I don’t know squat. At least tonight I don’t. But I’ll riddle you this: Good is going up against Evil. Will Good win?



          2. Judaism is nothing more than a political ideology…….
            An ideology of elitism…….. Created not by the Lord Jesus, but by the Babylonian pharasees, written down in the talmud.

          3. created by the lord jesus….. HAHAHAHAHAHA! more unproven man made IDEOLOGY that is NOT based in FACT!
            even in the bible, jesus created wine and fishes, according to the myth in the bible. That is it. why people try to conflate jesus with the christian concept of god confounds me. of course all of the christian beliefs confound me. which is why i walked away from christianity when i was 12. entering the age of reason, i threw off the shackles of rigid dogma, and the control the christians wanted over my life.

            i WILL NOT live in a theocracy. same as i will not live in a DEMOCRACY. Bill of Rights, or prepare to eat lead.

          4. I threw off a few shakles of my own, Atrax. Yet I’m thinkin’ that just because things are unproven doesn’t mean they’re untrue. And throwing off the shackles doesn’t mean throwin’ the baby out with the bath water. Ain’t it up to each to decide about the baby? My baby saved me own life.


          5. “created by the lord jesus….. HAHAHAHAHAHA! more unproven man made IDEOLOGY that is NOT based in FACT!”

            Here’s a FACT for you, bozo.

            It is true that there is no hard-core, empirical evidence that Christ is the Son of God, as the Bible claims.

            So… where is YOUR hard-core, empirical evidence that He ISN’T???


            You need to avoid subjects you obviously know nothing about. Otherwise, you look like an idiot.

    1. Oh geez galen ….that’s a razor blade song….I hate those ….but thanks for sharing LOL

      1. Sorry, Mary. Once in a while I dive in. I try not to stay long, but there it is, the wretched part of life that lives around the corner.


  6. ATRAX:
    ‘i WILL NOT live in a theocracy. same as i will not live in a DEMOCRACY. Bill of Rights, or prepare to eat lead.’ BAM!

    I was ‘raised’ in the catlick persuasion but I escaped…oy vey! hahaha People ask (got to have a label don’t ya know) what are you? My reply: “I am nothing”

  7. There is something to this.
    I have never been as disgusted as with the religious organization of the Israeli/ jews.
    I have not laughed as thoroughly as when a jew cracks wise.
    They make me laugh, they make me cry.
    Why is there ANY influence when there’s only a few sprinkled here and there?
    Sick f** ks, the lot of us.

    1. I know. It can be a stew of confusion. If only in the earlier days we had had as much access to the airwaves as they had. Maybe, through the Internet, we are taking back that access. Maybe.


  8. “Where the white girls at?”

    That movie was too funny…..I haven’t seen it in decades, but I still laugh about the two guys who make their way out of the quicksand and the boss tells them to get back to work.

  9. Hell, I STILL offend almost everyone (who isn’t awake, that is).

    Don’t like it? TOUGH SH#T!

  10. After Rosanne being fired I spent this weekend watching clips of Archie Bunker on youtube .As a character he could say anything and people didn’t freak in a way they do today.

  11. The cornerstone of Mel Brooks movies.

    Now everyone has their panties in a bunch when someone snezes the wrong way.

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