Reporter Films Massive Police Raid in Paris


A Sputnik correspondent filmed a massive police raid in the Saint Denis suburb of Paris on Wednesday. The operation reportedly targeted Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged mastermind of the terrorist acts, previously thought to have been in Syria, as well as Salah Abdeslam and a potential ninth assailant.

Our correspondent recalls this major operation in detail:

“I was roused by explosions. After the first one I was awake, then the second and third broke out and I realized that something terrifying had happened. Immediately I associated it with the last Friday’s events.

I opened the window in the living room and leaned out of it, and then heard the shots. Then I ran to get my cellphone to film everything that was going on. I spent about two hours next to the window. Even when the battery ran out, I stayed there to keep watching.

There were moments of silence, and then there were moments when everything started once again. And then suddenly an explosion occurred that turned out to be a suicide bombing by a woman. I saw that blast on the third floor. It smashed the window, there was a flash, and after that a mattress fell out of the window. The firefight then started again, they were shooting from both sides.

I could see the arrest of two terror suspects. Then I saw them being followed by law enforcement, but it was night and it was hard to discern everything in detail. I also saw a policeman being taken away: his colleagues were supporting him as he was limping.

I also heard lots of other things such as police talking to terrorists, asking them to show their hands, etc. A bit later, after the arrests and a blast, when the morning fell, I heard someone – supposedly a terrorist – who was injured by a gunshot or by a bomb blast fragmentation. He was screaming for couple of minutes, I don’t know whether he died or was one of the ones who were arrested.”

Earlier on Wednesday, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve confirmed that two terrorists suspected in Paris attacks had been killed and another seven detained during police special operations in Saint Denis.

Saint Denis is a densely populated northern suburb near the football stadium where two suicide bombers killed themselves and a bystander on November 13.

The attacks were followed by a series of mass shootings and suicide bombings at a concert hall and restaurants, killing 129 and injuring over 350.

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  1. “… Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged mastermind of the terrorist acts,…”

    Can’t be… that’s no jew name.

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