13 thoughts on “Resale

    1. Proud to say, Yes!! Some flights have even been inter-galactic. And one other very esoteric piece of information… the species itself originated in Valinor. Long they will fly, to all ports in any dimension.

      ps: There’s even a Trencher who bought this same bird seven times!! I repeat, 7!!! Of course I can’t say who, but discerning minds will know.



          1. Well, at least I’m not the Trencher that bought it 7 times, although I’m a good candidate it looks like. 🙂

          2. Ha! I had a similar thought. Of course many might assume it was ye. But no, ’twas another.

            See ya later. I’m off to feed the pigeons.



  1. Hey!!!! That’s my pigeon. How did you get it, Galen?

    Every week the damn thing gets stolen and shows up on E-bay.

  2. Oh yeah? You may have to prove it. And actually it came to me with a little note attached to its leg:

    “Please don’t send me back to Jolly Roger. The food is terrible there.”

    So nobody’s stealing him from you; he’s leaving on his own. Seven-timer provides wild-harvest from the uplands. I only give organic, with a weekly dose of oxygenated vitamin C transfusion.

    Pigeon’s also learning how to retrieve classified docs from Pentagon’s Vault 57. This is no ordinary bird. That’s why 7-timer is willing to pay for him, over and over again.

    Sorry, I can’t give him back. But here are these: one to soothe you and one as a cautionary tale:



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