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Rescued dog returns the favor, saves owner from carbon monoxide poisoning


A man in California might have rescued his German shepherd Max, but, as “Fox & Friends” explains, this time around it was Max who was doing the rescuing.

’80-year-old Jack Farrell was fast asleep when carbon monoxide flooded his home in California. Max woke up and dragged his owner out of bed.’

Marin Independent Journal reports Farrell awoke in a daze with Max’s paw on his face. Max tugged on his owner so hard, Farrell began to bleed. Confused by his dog’s behavior, Farrell called 9-1-1 to report multiple dog bites.

‘Out here in the kitchen I finally woke up and wondering what the hell was going on because he was kinda holding my arm and I’m bleeding like hell so that’s when I called 9-1-1,’ Farrell told KOIN.

The Novato Patch reports firefighters soon discovered there was more to this story.

‘After ensuring the dog was secure, fire crews began to treat the man for his injuries, but then noticed that the patient seemed slightly unstable while walking and upon entering the house they encountered a strong smell of natural gas.’

That’s when crews tested the house and found lethal levels of carbon monoxide … something KPIX reports could have easily killed Farrell.

‘We took a reading of the environment and we found 75 parts per million and, to put that into perspective, we don our breathing gear at 25 parts per million. He saved my life that’s all I can tell you.’

Firefighters say a faulty wall heater is to blame for releasing those deadly levels of carbon monoxide. As for Max and Farrell, Farrell says he’s more than willing to reward Max with his favorite thing — a ride around town in the back of Farrell’s pickup truck.

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12 Responses to Rescued dog returns the favor, saves owner from carbon monoxide poisoning

  1. Angel-NYC says:

    Good thing the cops didn’t respond to the 911 call.

    • RT Hawk says:

      My first thought too Angel

      • diggerdan says:

        Off sub. but hi ya RT, How are ya doing. I`m just upfor a minute or two. Just had to say Hi to ya.

        • RT Hawk says:

          lol pooped out! Ran most of the day.
          Just trying to catch up on reading here before turning in, TY for asking and Thanks for saying “Hey!” 🙂
          One looks kinda promising wants paperwork in this weekend-woot woot!
          Have a good one there Digger! Hitting the hay, lots to do tomorrow too! My best to ya always, nite

  2. diggerdan says:

    Leave it to a rescue dog to do something like this. Man`s best friend there and in this case he couldn`t ask for any beter friend. Good dog 🙂

  3. Jolly Roger says:

    Good doggie.

    Bred to herd (and protect) sheep, German Shepherds look out for their owner, and that’s why they’re the best dogs to own if you have kids. (the dog adopts them as his “flock”)

    Mine, believe it or not, knows how to cook. When I leave stuff on the stove he comes and gets me when it’s cooked.

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