9 thoughts on “RFK will sign assault weapons’ ban if both sides agree:

    1. To see the people falling for this stupidity just proves Charlotte Iserbyt right. The ruthless dumbing down has been successful.

      But not with critical thinkers. Not with those who see for themselves, who connect dots, who WON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN.

      Bill of Rights ends the circus and does away with the clowns, the very EVIL CLOWNS.


      1. Bill of Rights is the guiding document that helps end the circus. What actually does away with the clowns, the very EVIL CLOWNS, is your own personal choice of whatever tools you have to physically get the job done eg. bullets, rope, pitchfork, RPG, tank, car, sword, hand grenade, garden mulcher, etc, etc, etc – the list is only limited by your imagination 😉

        1. balloons filled with used motor oil mixed with sand. Try cleaning that off of a plexi-glass face shield!

  1. I dont G A F what this lying POS says , will not comply ..in fact will become a PITA til i die ,, long live the Republic and the Bill of Rights

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