Rock River Arms’ New LAR47 Alternative to the AK47—SHOT Show 2014

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There’s been growing interest in shooting the AK 47 due to cheap, plentiful ammunition in 7.62×39 and the availability of millions of cheap mags. The only problem has been that it’s difficult to know what you’re getting with an AK. There are a lot of bad guns out there. If you scour the forums, you’ll learn which are the best, but you’ll still be buying a used gun with questionable accuracy. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a decent gun. If you’re not, you’ll get a headache.

rock river04Rock River Arms has taken two years perfecting its gun built around the AK magazines. You can buy a new, dependable 7.62×39 rifle, built in America on the more accurate AR platform, from a trusted company. The LAR47 weighs 6.4 pounds and has an MSRP of $1,270. It comes with a six-position tactical CAR stock, A2 pistol grip, CAR handguards and 16” chrome lined barrel. Both the lower and upper are forged not stamped like most AKs. There’s even a two-stage trigger. Rock River Arms expects to be shipping the first guns within two weeks, so if you’re interested, get your order in early to reserve your gun.rock river01rock river02

2 thoughts on “Rock River Arms’ New LAR47 Alternative to the AK47—SHOT Show 2014

  1. one of my ARs has a Rock River Upper with a Chrome Bolt. It is a really well built system. I like it a lot. That is the one that I chose to leave with only Iron sites. They are a good company.
    I am still looking for a well built upper for 9mm or .45 if anyone knows anything let me know.

  2. Plenty of folks offer a 7.62 AR platform,many had/have feed ramp issues,if solved with rock would be nice yet many still assembling their own to save money/registration with feds ect.That said nice to see hopefully improvements on any tool.

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