11 thoughts on “Roger Sayles – A U.S. Passport for Ed Snowden

  1. I bought the book its only 4.95 in PDF format. I plan on doing this the benefits are phenominal and worth it. I know some of them the rest I am going to research.

  2. Susan, appreciate the post. Was not sure if anyone could do this or if it was directed toward Snowden. After seeing your comment, now I know. I too will be looking into this, and doing it as well. Do you know if he has info. on his sight? Would appreciate any assistance you can share. Does his book explain the process? Thanks.

    1. He has the Affidavit you need to copy and paste to a word processor program like Office. Office is free and easy to use. My puter is for fun so Microsoft Word is not suitable and costly. You can print out the doc and take it to a notary. Sign in presence of notary. There are two Affidavits there the second is for an African American be sure you pick the right one.

      1. Thank you for responding. Did go to the site, and saw the affidavit, as well as the court ruling, and definition of a passport. Was glad to see the site was not overwhelming with to much info.. Would like to continue to communicate together till this is finished. Might be a bit till the money is available for the fees, hopefully not to long though. You can contact Henry for my email if you’d like.

          1. Thank you, got it. Called our local and main p.o., neither have ds 11 forms. Will be going to the district clerk at county court house to get one.

    2. I bought the book hoping the bulk advantages would be there. I have not had time to read it but all you have to do is fill out the Application for Passport DS11 and send it off with the Affidavit signed and notarized of course plus fees to the state department. Look up for address in search. I did fine comb his site pretty much got all I needed.

  3. I just submitted my DS-11 and Statement yesterday to the Post Office. The lady who took it was intrigued by the attachment and said that this was the first time that she had seen such a thing. I said “and you may never see it again”. I hope that I am wrong after watching this video. Roger, if you read this, thank you and your com padres for all your research and due diligence. You have crystallized and condensed the history of the treachery and deception consummately! I read your book and immediately realized what you had discovered. I spread the as far and wide as I can. Wakie wakie, Sheeple!

    1. What is the required cost of a passport now? The last time I got one it was 100. plus ten for pics.

  4. I totally get why he’s telling Edward this, but..why would Mr Snowden want to come back to the US?( if that would be the purpose for a passport) he’d be killed, or thrown in prison the second he set foot here.
    And If he has amnesty where he’s at, why would he need or want a US passport?
    as what this man is telling us, why would anyone want a US passport?
    No heads of state or government own the worlds land masses..we are people put upon this earth by God, and should be allowed to move freely upon it least we are not a threat to our fellow man..

    Just another piece of paper giving ourselves to the corrupt system as I see it..
    Badges? we aint got no Badges, we don’t need no badges, I don’t have to show you any stinking badges!

    1. he needs a passport to go anywhere not just the US he is dead in the water without one. Russia could give him one if they wanted.

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