Cop Arrest Firefighter, Again!

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My father is a retired Fire Chief and was not happy when he seen this. He said, “The Fire Dept. has complete authority at any scene they are called to.” Safety is the first step they take.

It is disturbing how STUPID some of these cops are these days.  

CHULA VISTA (CBS 8) – A Chula Vista firefighter responding to a rollover accident on I-805 ended up in handcuffs Tuesday night after a dispute with a CHP officer. CBS News 8 cameras were rolling around 9:00 p.m. when the firefighter and CHP officer got in a dispute over where the fire engine should park, while firefighters were responding to the crash that happened north on I-805 between Telegraph Canyon Road and East Orange Avenue. Neither agency would make an official statement on camera.


Last year it happened as well.

14 thoughts on “Cop Arrest Firefighter, Again!

  1. You can not fix stupid. I can’t believe this that truck was keeping everyone safe. These cops have got to go. I guess the only ones left with any amount of intelligence and sanity are the FIREMEN. Love the series Chicago Fire but I do not watch it on TV but online.

  2. This thing happened just a few miles from me – and I can tell you that the locals here are NOT taking it lightly – my take on the general opinion of the locals, is: The CHP has some “splainin” to do – so far, not one explaination has been offered that would (in any way) justify their behavior and the news slant has pointed out that their (CHP) original claim (firetruck wasn’t parked safely??) is coming apart – too many cameras on this, maybe??

  3. (Shaking my head) Omg, now cops and firefighters are fighting each other. Can we just get the show on the road and take back our government and restore our country now? This is just beyond ridiculous.

  4. Seems like a pissin match that was won by the man with the gun, to bad the fire fighter wasn’t next to his water canon maybe his stream would have been bigger. Seems the firefighter will not get into trouble but it is a god sign of what is to come from this big headed, egotistical, power mad, cop.

  5. Update; 5:48 PST – News here is going on about another (2nd) EMT/fireguy that was also “arrested” at the scene, shortly after the first guy was handcuffed – but, by that time (having been notified) the Battalion chief and CHP commander were headed out there (because of the 1st guy) – it being too late to hide it, sweep it under the rug, because of the news cameras – local radio program also purports that this “cop” (and others in this local) has a touch of a past with this kind of behavior [delusions of grandeur] – go figure

  6. Training……….it’s all in the training. These days the gestapo cops are being trained to take control by whatever means necessary, most often by force of arrest or a beat down (often both) and what they say goes by god! Don’t you dare try to reason with a power monger…………….

    1. I had a cop client (who is about to retire next year and can’t wait) tell me he can not staaaand the new breed. He even believes they would bust their granny for a dime bag of weed and he’s probably right!

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