SA Leaker Snowden Charged with Theft, Espionage – Ron Paul Next?

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Maybe not. The next step for the U.S. in charging the former intelligence contractor employee is for the Hong Kong police to arrest him and begin the extradition process, but it was Ron Paul who started the ball rolling IN NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR, ‘leaking’ the information in the House. Like now, no one is listening and 56% of Americans (have been conditioned?) to think all this is all good for them!!

Snowden could of course, take the Diplomatic “Articles of Assange” and hole up at a Hong Kong embassy.

Julean Assange Exposed ‘formulation of a mass surveillance state’ – WikiLeaks is ‘helping Snowden’

Bradley Manning was arrested, put into solitary confinement allegedly without the uniform, for several  months without charges or access to a writ of Habeas Corpus and only charged in June.

 Assange’s three charges, each carrying a ten-year penalty, have been laid on Snowden, theft of government property and two offenses under the espionage statutes, specifically giving national defense information to someone without a security clearance and revealing classified information about “communications intelligence.”

Federal prosecutors are now in the very early stages of the process to get Snowden, out of Hong Kong, officials said.

The charges against Snowden aren’t publicly available since they were filed under seal in federal court in Virginia, but the officials told NBC News that the charges accuse the 29-year-old of violating federal espionage laws by sharing classified documents with people not cleared to receive them.


One thought on “SA Leaker Snowden Charged with Theft, Espionage – Ron Paul Next?

  1. In a nation where the ultimate legal authority is vested in the people, not the government, the acts of the NSA, FBI, CIA, Executive Branch and all other “intelligence” agencies who are spying domestically; It is the government and their agencies that should be prosecuted under the espionage acts and the terrorism act for aiding the enemy of the People, who is the very same government committing the crimes. They should face the maximum penalty for espinoage and sedition…death. How much more power is the American people willing to cede? We must arrest these treasonous asshole and enforce the law. If we do not hold the criminals who claim to be our government accountable, it is by our doing that we are enslaved by our own servants.

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