Sandy Hook: GAME OVER! – NO Deaths NO Victims in Official Record

Published on Feb 22, 2014 by livingonplanetZ

Sandy Hook – NO DEATHS, NO VICTIMS; According to SSDI Official Master File

The Sandy Hook shooting official narrative is now dead. We have seen in previous films how the Newtown school “shooting” was interconnected not only to the CIA, but also that Dawn Hochsprung – a supposed ‘victim’ of the event – is closely related to the family of a key propagandist. This propagandist AND Hochsprung are secretly and closely related to Peter Lanza – and therefore to the entire “Lanza” family!

While some geneology websites list the ‘official’ Sandy Hook victims in database searches, it was discovered that NONE of the “deaths” were actually traceable to the town of Sandy Hook in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Why? Inconsistencies in the various proprietary databases suggested TAMPERING WITH THR RECORDS as the cause. Indeed, it has been revealed that a systematic effort was made about one year before the “massacre”, to block or limit public access to such records!

In this document, you will see the results of a painstakingly thorough search of the ORIGINAL Social Security Death Master File for the Sandy Hook “victims.” The results ar shocking. A great deal of information is made available, so anyone can verify the result for themselves.

The Boston Marathon “bombing” taught us much about how the fake death industry works – particularly in connection with Sandy Hook (see… — The Fake Death Industry). Here, we can see it in action, with the people who put it to use.

This information may help others who are now beginning the REAL investigation into Sandy Hook again. Now that the fake ‘official’ investigation has concluded so infamously.

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  1. “livingonplanetz” is the single best source for exposing these ongoing hoaxes.

    His work on the Boston Bombing hoax is the best anywhere.

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