23 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To Washington And Oregon – Visalia Onions To Las Vegas, NV

  1. 11am 61 degrees,

    Into Idaho then Utah and into vegas. Unfortunately things didn’t work out as p lol and to visit Henry. So plan B, park truck in Vegas, fly to Oregon, 7 day vacation with Henry and Laura. Cant wait.

    1. “work out as planned to visit Henry.”

      This godamned thing isn’t printing what I’m writing.

  2. Great view but I like my mountains and forests too much, must have been rather windy up where you were standing.

    1. This part of Washington no mountains, this is southwestern territory, the beautiful mountains are near the north western part, Oregon has mega mountains, but not where I went.

      When I get into Idaho, I send you mountains, some of mother natures handy work.

      Washington has plenty of flat, so does Oregon, not many people see that

      Big time farming, like you see in these shots. Huge deserts, very fertile land in this region. These are Americas huge commercial farms.

      This is where I go to load and deliver across America. Today was vidalia onions for vegas.

      I misspelled it on the header

  3. Jeez, Mark, you’re makin’ me long for a road trip. A long and far-away one. And I’m saying to myself things like, “If there is a next life for me, I’m gonna be a truck-driver.” Ha! There’s an old-fashioned romanticism to it, and an “I live life on my own terms” kind of thing. I know that’s only the best of it and the rest is a lot of moving around, hard work, long hours, and heavy lifting. I’m glad you have the awesome scenery. I think of you out there and the word Road-Warrior comes to mind.



    1. Glad your enjoying the shots, I enjoy sharing. Like Martist said, this is our land, we all should enjoy any way possible, this time of year is awesome in the west.

      Not too much lifting, fork lifts do that. 🙂

      1. See that? Pretty scenery, nice drive, and I’m still driving in slush. (but I’m happy to be driving again instead of being trapped down here in the slush)

        1. I know, I’m really milking this beautiful weather thing. I’ve been stuck in shit for so long, I feel like I’m in heaven.

          1. You oughta try living in this picture post card place! My neck is always sore from whipping my head to see what I just missed, elk, bald eagle, sasquatch…
            I grew up back east, but have been out west since 1980. It has degraded over the years, but not enough to move away, yet.

  4. Thanks for the beautiful pics, Mark! Funny, for a few years I’ve entertained the idea of trucking, and you ain’t helping talk me out of it! Everything except for the weed part. I am a tattooist and I don’t see much except for my walls and people up close. At least I get to hurt them if I don’t like ’em? 😉

    1. Ouch! Nothing like a oscillating needle jabbing at you…

      Trucking is a great job, I highly recommend it..Let me know, I’ll help you get started. Well, if your an owner operator you have more freedom, but the cops can still make you take a test whenever they feel like it, I’m a company driver, so my company calls us and says, go to the nearest lab and test.We have like 2 hours to comply, they wait until we’re in a city.

      You have nothing to worry about if your don’t smoke, you smoke, your fkd. Their computer randomly picks the drivers. The DOT can make you test whenever the hell they feel like it, this happens at the weigh stations when they randomly inspect your truck. It hardly ever happens though, unless your an asshole to them, (the drug test thing).

      Takes about three years if your inexperienced to make the good money, after that your good. Owner operators make bank, big headaches though.

      If you got the cash, you can start right off as an owner operator, takes about 25 30 grand to get the ball rolling, need credit. After that your the boss, get with a broker who likes you, big cash right away.

      1. Thanks, Mark. Info is much appreciated, coming from a guy “in the know”. Trusted sources for many reasons are important! I still got the house, shop property, dog and girl holding me back from someday cutting loose, but it’s something I’ve thought about a while. I’ve gotten rid of a lot and the more I off, the happier I’ve become. My daughters got rid of me several years ago so things are easier to look at in a brighter light. More real? It’s amazing how quickly things can change and you can go from “single hero dad” to zero dad in the blink of an eye due to our current snitch indoctrination and commie-kike propaganda, so I learned to hold my freedom and our Bill of Rights nearest and dearest to my heart.

  5. Thank you for the beautiful photos, Mark
    “Henry’s got a surprise for all you guys.” Awww, man…Don’t tease us…GEEZ… Now, I’m going crazy trying to figure out what it is. LOL

    1. No photoshopping here NC,

      Just point, shoot and send. Samsung smart phone, these things have awesome cameras.

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