12 thoughts on “Scary Video of a baby addicted to smartphone

  1. What most people do not realize is that experiments have already been done on infants and smartphones and these babies will not eat or sleep until thoroughly exhausted or near the point of death. When the smartphone is removed they go berserk and start convulsing in uncontrollable tantrums that can last for hours. Their brains are actually being re-wired by the smartphone and they will have severe withdrawal symptoms if deprived for any length of time as shown in the video. This addiction is a true disease, but a disease being promoted to destroy the thought process. This is just the first step to total A.I. control and dehumanization.
    Children brought up under such conditions will readily accept a brain implant interface or worse.

    Anything which does not secure our unalienable rights destroys them.

    1. Unless the baby dies of brain cancer first….and for that ‘parent’ laughing at the obvious distress she is inducing…..that is abuse

      1. I thought the same thing, Mary. That laughter was sadistic. We are in so much trouble if this is the fate of our babies. I hope this vid goes far and wide as a warning to humanity. Atrocity!!


  2. Ever go out in public where other people are and realize that you are one of the few, if not the only one, with your head up, not burried in a smart phone, and your fingers aren’t banging away at some damned smart device like a drug addled raccoon?

    1. I see cops parked in the middle of the median, looking for speeders, head down drowning in their phones, their supposed to be working, not! It’s ok with me though, for obvious reasons 🙂

  3. More on child abuse:

    “The trans ideology is screwing up children. Girls are binding their breasts. Boys take drugs to put off puberty. We are teaching the young to hate their bodies and to reject biological truth. The social consequences will be dire.”

    “There is no such thing as a trans kid.”

    “It feels like children are being experimented on.”

    Article by Brendan O’Neill here:



  4. My son and daughter-in-law DO NOT ALLOW their almost four-year-old son to use a cell phone or computer-like device, and he is not allowed to have one at the day care he goes to, either. So what does he play with? Just as my own son did–he plays with cars and trucks and action figures and one or two stuffed animals (his mother works at the Houston Zoo). And, of course, other children. The daughter-on-the-way won’t be using one, either.

  5. The parent is setting that baby us to be an entitled brat, and she is setting herself up to be abused by that soon-to-be school aged kid–if the kid’s brain doesn’t get totally fried by then. She abuses the baby, and later, the child will abuse her. What goes around comes around.

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