School Suspensions Continue for Anything Remotely Gun Related

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The hysteria surrounding the threat of gun violence continues at fever pitch. We have seen a string of school suspensions in recent years for ludicrous reasons such as:

And there are plenty more.

The latest comes from Arizona where a Florence student was suspended for having an AK-47 on top of a flag as his desktop background image. That’s right: Daniel McClaine, Jr. was suspended for three days over a picture.

McClaine said the school initially suspended him for three days Friday.

Since the laptop belongs to the school, the district policy states students are prohibited from ‘sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures,’ and cannot access, send, create or forward pictures that are considered ‘harassing, threatening, or illegal.’

McClaine said he read the guidelines but does not consider the picture threatening to anyone. (Source)

Ironically, Daniel is interested in joining the military, which is what prompted him to display the image in question.

The following video is jaw dropping for its sheer inanity. How can a serious intellectual debate survive amid such a climate of fear-mongering and absurdity? Your suggestions are welcome in the comment section.

5 thoughts on “School Suspensions Continue for Anything Remotely Gun Related

  1. What the hell is next? I used to melt Crayola crayons on the radiator at school when I was bored! Would that be considered ‘terrorism’ today? To the janitor I was a ‘terrorist’ and to the teacher I was a ‘pain in the ass’. I still have the old binder from seventh-grade with all of my gun and plane and missile doodles on it. That was in 1977! After school my buddies and I would race home to play Army with our bb-guns and set toy airplanes on fire after drilling fake bullet holes into them. We used our Super-8 movie cameras to film our little wars. After an hour or so we would then take off the Army attire and put on our football gear…then play floor hockey…then basketball until the sun went down.
    At recess and on the way home from school I was in a fist fight at least once a week…and sometimes inside the classroom. I was bullied until my dad put myself and my brother into wrestling and then I was not picked on any longer. What we are seeing today is the total emasculation of young boys in our society. Hell, even home-economics and woodshop and auto shop and welding have disappeared…any skill-set-based classes have been removed. I hear now that farming classes are being cut from school budgets. Never mind self-sufficiency classes!
    I am certain that even the Bolsheviks would be amazed at this. After all, their symbol for Communism is the cycle, an instrument used for cutting wheat during harvest time.

  2. Hey All,
    In all the patriot posts I read the NECESSITY of getting the children out of these gubberment public indoctrination centers is massively overlooked.SAVE THE KIDS HOMESCHOOL is the simple answer. Way back when even hitler knew success was through the kiddies being brainwashed against their narrow minded the children homeschool.and please quit funding your own destruction save the next generation.

  3. I guess when the public school history books get to topics on the revolutionary, civil, and second world wars the offending sections mentioning or portraying guns will be ripped out or photoshopped with a broom in place of a musket.

  4. Good thing that wasn’t a 100 round clip.

    They probably would have handed him a 30 day suspension if it had been.

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