Sean Penn won’t return to ‘Gaslit’ set unless all cast and crew receive Covid vaccinations


Sean Penn will not return to the set of his new show “Gaslit” until the entire cast and crew have received Covid vaccinations, the star’s representative confirmed to CNN on Friday.

Penn plays the role of Attorney General John Mitchell in the political drama, which is a modern-day take on the Watergate scandal. Julia Roberts portrays John’s wife Martha in the show, which is due to air on Starz later this year.

Deadline reported on Thursday that Penn issued the ultimatum because the 60-year-old star was not satisfied with the vaccination requirements imposed by NBCUniversal, the studio behind his latest production.

This week, the TV and film company announced it had implemented mandatory vaccinations in “Zone A”, which means the cast of the show and those who come in close proximity must be vaccinated.

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5 thoughts on “Sean Penn won’t return to ‘Gaslit’ set unless all cast and crew receive Covid vaccinations

  1. Than he can stay home and roll around in what money he has left , Fck the guy
    I got this tiny little fiddle over hear playing a sad sad song , just for him

    When it gets to the point that everyone has to suck some guys ass to survive and he knows it , than you fcked up working for them

    Trust me folks , he needs you workers more than you need him
    Tell him to go get screwed
    Your talents shouldn’t be extorted like this , stand up for yourselves for god sakes

    1. I sure hope this falls on the right ears. No kidding. Those folks should abandon set. Now, just like Walmart workers, actors have become dictators. Spicoli was a fake all along.


  2. Go to Peggy Hall’s site and get the forms needed to have this devil possessed individual sign that he will be personally liable for any and all injuries. Better yet, sue him for discrimination!

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