5 thoughts on “Search And Seizure? You tell me – 1 fire truck, 1 ambulance, 3 cop cars and cops – Cullman, AL 12:45 pm I65 Northbound

  1. there was an accident, one car was towed and one got searched , cops love accidents.

    Why is the trunk open?

  2. Probably a standard response to a call for “backup” in AL. The LEOs are bored so they show up and keep those goddamn blue and red lights flashing until the “press” has the scene fully covered and videotaped. The blue and red flashing lights are part of the brain entrainment PsyOp. At night they make it much harder to see things at the scene of a stop or accident. Straight up vision physiology. Check it out. It really obscures people like the revenue generators and innocent victims. The “media” exposure helps with future funding for the Departments involved. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Thank you for posts and insights from around America, Mark. They are really appreciated.

    1. it wasnt s good shot but trunk was wide open, cop staring inside it while scratching his ass. Another illegal lookie see for cash, drugs and guns. You could tell by the occupants mulling around it wasnt going to be pretty. Front end of car was pushed in, a cops dream search, illegal as hell, by way of looking at the pupil with a flashlight for probable cause.

      We should all carry a caged full grown black mamba in our vehicle, let it out when they want to search.

  3. If you get pulled over by a State Cop in Michigan
    they will be going through your shit , every time i see a state pig w someone pulled over , the driver (passengers) are 100 Yds in front of their car , all doors open and trunk

    every time

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