13 thoughts on “Seattle – 46 Degrees – Broken Clouds

  1. Ya know Mark, everyday you get up and help the wheels of life turn, and you share the journey with us. Jus’ want you to know you are appreciated and valued. Hope you have some good rest in between.



    1. Good rest in between? LMAO!!!!!!!

      Remember those tomatoes I was talking about? My second drop rejected them, 1st drop took them. KROGERS, 2nd drop said unsatisfactory quality and rejected load, so now I’m delivering the rejected portion, who was Fred Myers BTW, to a cut throat produce slinger, going to put them on a slow boat to China, LOL.

      They were those small cocktail tomatoes,I should had brought the vodka along, maybe I could have made Fred Myers a tomatoe cocktail.

      1st drop were the big tomatoes and cucumbers.

      These big chains are picky MTRFKRS… Happens all the time in this business. A lot of rejections.

      I’m at the Seattle port, they will be on a boat today for Asia.

  2. Hey Mark!! Just to let you know I’m still here and now, not working, so more time to visit, when you have the opportunity. 🙂
    My wife’ll have to soften, eventually…

    1. Hey brother! I think about a visit all the time, but I always am so damn busy. I’m in Kent right now, want a beer? I load tomorrow for Montana..

      Your phn # has been disconnected.

      1. Sorry Mark,
        Got busy and forgot to check back on the computer.
        My phone seems to work, but I don’t get texts, cause I’m dumb like my phone 🙂
        Maybe next time you’re this way we’ll catch up.
        Happy trails

        1. Called number you gave me, says discontinued. Give Henry your phone number, something got tangled up. Got new phone, something got crossed up.

  3. Drove from Oregon to federal way today. Turned south and Tacoma was snow. At noon. Crossed the narrows and it stopped. In port Angeles. Back tomorrow.

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