Second grader get “dispended” (suspended) for pretend grenade throw

Published on Feb 5, 2013 by Digby Jones

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(Note: we consider the school authorities to be acting over-the-top and not this sweet child!)

On the heels of three 6-year-olds being suspended for making gun signs with their hands during recess and a 5-year-old girl being suspended and labeled a “terrorist threat” for threatening to shoot her friend with a “Hello Kitty” bubble gun, a 7-year-old Colorado boy at Loveland’s Mary Blair Elementary School is reportedly in a similar position.

So what did he do? Apparently the 2nd grader was playing “rescue the world” at recess when he threw a pretend grenade at a make-believe box full of “evil forces.” There wasn’t actually anything in his hand, nor was there a real box.

“I was trying to save people and I just can’t believe I got dispended,” Alex Evans said. After demonstrating how the game is played, he said he threw fake grenade at the box “so nothing can get out and destroy the world.”

4 thoughts on “Second grader get “dispended” (suspended) for pretend grenade throw

  1. Poor kid has to grow up in a psychopathic society where thought become a crime and TPTB believe it to be real. Its a clown car of subjective ideology with no basis in logic or professional responsibility. That why is works so well.

  2. save your kids HOMESCHOOL save your country HOMESCHOOL educate yourself HOMESCHOOL they are spoiling your kids HOMESCHOOL the goobberment hates homeschoolers which is another reason to do it,
    These indoctrination centers teach only immoral world citizens feel good shite save your/our kids.

  3. Emasculation of future generations continues. Where does the US think it is going to acquire future warriors in support of the Klingon Empire?

    Kids may play with marbles, but it is the adults who are losing them.

  4. It is becoming clear that we are seeing generational mind control. Kids in school are being brainwashed – as surely as the Chinese did Korean War POWs – by the school. I ran into one lulu in a high school text. Question: What is the purpose of the US constitution? Ans. To protect the government. Parents protested. Teachers response: Not to worry. I never teach about that part of the book anyway.

    Somebody mentioned Home School. One of my daughters with 7 kids does that. Another solution by another daughter. Omak school district in WA has a program of distance learning on line. The parent is kind of a guidance unit for the canned program. My 11 year old granddaughter finished 6th grade before Christmas. And Omak is in the heart of hunting and fishing wilderness. You will never see any anti gun, pro vegan stuff.

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