4 thoughts on “The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two

  1. Thanks Grey Rider. That was very informative. It wasn’t until recently that I finally saw the light. The Nazis and Hitler were not evil. They were not expanding the empire. They were fighting the impinging Bolshevism from Russia. They didn’t round up jews simply because they didn’t like jews. The jews had declared war on Germany. They advertised this in the NYT in bold print-“Judea Declares War on Germany”.
    It’s unfortunate that most will never realize this. Those who do will be relegated to hater status and marginalized as Nazi lovers. Or locked up like the articulate 87 year old Ursula Haverback, who was jailed in 2015.
    My grandparents fled Austria in 1920 to Canada. I never knew why they fled. Now I believe I know. They were fleeing Bolshevik communist jewry’s bloody expansion.
    So now, just like a smoker who quit, and snips at anyone who still smokes, it really turns me off when people in the truth movement, who otherwise make good points, utter something like “those eeevil Nazis” or compare some despot to Hitler…like AJ or Stephan Molyneaux or many others.
    It’s striking how similar America today is to pre WW2 Germany. The thing that’s missing is the anti jewish/ Bolshevik sentiment. They’ve done a good job dumbing down the Christian goys.
    We are all Germans now…

    1. If you have some good, informative links, I would love to see it. I was always interested in that century, loved learning about it as a kid, but have learned that a lot of it was false later. I’m just personally interested in learning about it as much as possible. Thank you.

  2. May we be victorious, with the help of the almighty, in cleansing our land of the devils that have ruined so many countries and their peoples.

    They are amongst us no doubt and will be dealt with at a great cost of our people.

    “Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His ability.”

    The Christian ethic is what must be eliminated as Satan is in complete opposition to everything Godly and Christ like.

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