Senator Lindsey Graham Says He Is Ready to Vote on ALL Gun Control Proposals Mentioned by Joe Biden

Gateway Pundit – by Cristina Laila

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) on Thursday evening said he is ready to vote on ALL gun control proposals mentioned by Joe Biden.

Lindsey Graham also urged Schumer to bring the gun control proposals forward for votes.

“I stand ready to vote on ALL the proposals mentioned by President Biden tonight and encourage the Democratic Leader to bring them forward for votes.” Lindsey Graham said.

Senator Graham also added he is ready to “work across the aisle to find common ground” on gun control legislation.

Joe Biden Thursday evening delivered remarks on the recent mass shootings and called on Congress to reinstate the 1994 ‘Assault Weapons Ban.’

Biden attacked the Second Amendment – AGAIN – and said no amendment is absolute.

Joe Biden called for ‘red flag laws’ and demanded the 1994 ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ be reinstated.

“We need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and if we can’t ban assault weapons, then we should raise the age to purchase them from 18 to 21,” said Biden.

Joe Biden also called on Congress to limit how many rounds a weapon can hold.

“We should limit how many rounds a weapon can hold. Why in God’s name should an ordinary citizen be able to purchase an assault weapon that holds 30-round magazines, that let mass shooters fire hundreds of bullets in a matter of minutes?” Biden said.

And sellout Lindsey Graham is ready to go full steam ahead on Biden’s proposals attacking the Second Amendment.

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8 thoughts on “Senator Lindsey Graham Says He Is Ready to Vote on ALL Gun Control Proposals Mentioned by Joe Biden

    1. Haha I know, right? partisans will cover for it with “but he’s a ‘rino'” despite their hero chump advocating for the same infringements. God, their stupidity pisses me off.

  1. Wait, what? What’s an “Ordinary Citizen”??? Ha ha fkn Ha

    Please you dirty maggots, Bring it on, we have been telling you forever to do it, Make the Legislation, make and pass your laws amongst yourselves and your enforcement arms, Fusion center et al.. and then, Go ahead and get this shit started ….

    Mr and Mrs America, Turn um all in… Ha ha ha

    Fkn do it…The Keg Ain’t gonna blow itself up….So, yeah, light the fuse…

  2. He is scum just like all the rest Jew loving scumbag in governments… they try to ban guns it will start a second civil war but us pure Americans will win..

    1. If they try to seize our guns, it is not going to be a CIVIL WAR, we are simply going to enforce the absolute supreme law of December 15, 1791 and they are going to go.
      Civil war indicates government war. It’s not what is going to happen. People are simply going to enforce their law as is their duty as is their right.
      Governments are not going to go at each other with we as the fodder. They are going to simply meet justice, all of them.

      1. Yes very true but it might make a war between us and the fake government to take this power back this government it will a big possibility for a war inside these great states this much worse..

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