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Shabbos Goy Scaramucci: “Jews Are a Beacon to Civilization”

Published on Mar 21, 2018

How low can a Goy go? No words can explain the baseness of this shill. Truly a sad state of affairs.

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8 Responses to Shabbos Goy Scaramucci: “Jews Are a Beacon to Civilization”

  1. Martist says:

    The word “bloviator” has soooo many applicable forms for this beak-lover.

  2. mary in ND says:

    “Jews Are a Beacon to Civilization”……..
    ….and civilization has been the downfall of man

  3. galen says:

    Can’t ya just see the wind-up key behind his back. When it’s all wound out he slumps, like Geppetto’s discarded little puppet who can’t come back to life because he keeps lying. Hmm… his nose keeps growing:


  4. Volthair says:

    What’s that on his nose?

  5. sam wheat says:

    Like one of the commentators on JOOTUBE said ” When do we fire up the ovens?” over 60 people seconded the motion, I concur !

  6. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “Jews Are a Beacon to Civilization”


    I thought it said Bacon.

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