Shadow Wars: War Inevitable between China & Japan – Four Chinese Ships Enter Disputed Island Area

The Celestial Convergence – by Andre Heath

The ships were observed sailing around the island chain for the first time since a similar incident Dec. 31, Japan’s Kyodo News reported.

The Chinese State Oceanic Administration said the vessels are marine surveillance ships meant to patrol the waters around the islands, which the Chinese call Diaoyu, Xinhua reported.

Officials at the Regional Coast Guard Headquarters in Naha, Okinawa, said the Japanese Coast Guard asked the four ships to leave the area.

Tensions between Japan and China over competing claims to the islands have worsened since September when the Japanese government announced the nationalization of the islands. – UPI.

WATCH: China & Japan – War Inevitable?

8 thoughts on “Shadow Wars: War Inevitable between China & Japan – Four Chinese Ships Enter Disputed Island Area

  1. Yes . very strategically tricky international situation brewing between the Peoples Republic of China and the Japanese Government . The U S claims it signed at treaty with the Japanese Government . Due to a treaty signed in the U S Senate in !972 that handed over control of the Senkaku islands to the Japanese . My guess is sooner or later Taiwan will come into focus . The Chinese Government has always claimed Taiwan to be theirs yet the U S Government protects Taiwan as if it were a Sovereign State with the U S Union . Taiwan will be the focal point sooner or later and that will inevitably pull the U S Governments strings . do I hear war drums ? ……Yes …..

    1. That’s a very good point Pete.
      I think everyone involved who knows anything is scared to death of the ongoing radiations.

      Ten or fifteen years from now will likely be an absolute horror for Japan.

  2. Again, this island dispute is bullshit and is just a way of provoking and distracting China from the events in the Middle East. Basically it’s the U.S. giving China a bone to play with for awhile, while they attack Syria and Iran in the Middle East. This island has been in dispute for decades and the media is over-hyping it now all of sudden and the U.S. is pawning off Japan against China to keep China in check while they go after the Middle East. Simple as that and the blockades that they are trying to enforce around the coast of China using Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam and some U.S. warships only further prove that.

    1. Regardless if it is bullshit or not it will draw the United States into this conflict .Yes the U S government is good at giving bones to chew on, as the U S had better be careful not to get its ass bit … I guess the Syrian situation is bullshit to, there would be know apparent reason why the Russian Federation would have twelve of its war ships in the region, aww just exercises . right ? NO. wrong .

      1. The U.S. will not be involved in it. Only from a distance, coordinating it and letting those countries around it do its dirty work for them. They are too busy with the Middle East to get involved. They just want China in check. That’s all.

        1. Yes, The U S Government has China in check alright…. That is why the Chinese are stealing U S technology by the truck load (right) ? the U S military is already involved in the Chinese and Japanese dispute which is one of the reasons the U S military is deploying a pacific basin missile shield that almost mirrors the one the U S Government is deploying in Eastern Europe that has the Russian Government upset . And the U S military is not just involved in the middle east but expanding its operations all through out Africa . (they want to screw up the entire world) Burning the candle at both ends ? (hey boys) .

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