Sheriff promises Florida vigil attendees: Politicians ‘will not get re-elected’ if gun laws don’t change

Yahoo News

Hundreds of people attended vigils remembering the 17 victims who were killed in a school shooting in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday, with the sheriff responsible for overseeing the case telling attendees at an evening gathering that gun laws must be fixed.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel made pointed comments on gun control, saying, “If you are an elected official and you want to keep things the way they are and not do things differently, if you wanna keep the gun laws as they are now — you will not get re-elected in Broward County.”  

The statements receiving a round of applause and standing ovation from the crowd.

Several speakers took to an elevated stage to pray for those who died, the injured who are recovering in the hospital and the first responders and school staff who worked so valiantly to keep them safe.

“We mourn for the potential that was lost — for the hopes, for the joys, for the dreams that will never be realized,” one speaker said of the young victims and the heroes who died while protecting the students.

Nearly every seat in the outdoor auditorium was filled, with an audience so large that it spilled onto the sidewalk on the other side of the fence separating the area.

Some members of the crowd nodded silently, while others cried with their hands buried in their faces, as numerous prayers were read.

Earlier in the day, 17 balloons were released during a vigil at the Parkland Baptist Church, one for each who was killed.

Multiple students were in attendance at a separate vigil at Parkridge Church in Pompano Beach, showing their support for their fallen classmates by wearing shirts emblazoned with an eagle, the school’s mascot.–abc-news-topstories.html?soc_src=mail&soc_trk=ma

63 thoughts on “Sheriff promises Florida vigil attendees: Politicians ‘will not get re-elected’ if gun laws don’t change

  1. Let me get this straight a Jewboy sheriff is making policy about elections and law in my country. Oy vay, screw that fuckwad. He was elected to his job, time to unelect him and show him to the street. Jewboy needs to imigrate to the land of sand and bullshit.

    1. Right on, brother.
      At the same time reading your comment the clouds scooted out, the sun is shining, and I don’t see any chemtrails. 🙂

  2. I am astounded when I see how many positions of power in our country, our communities, are held by Jews. It’s literally jaw-dropping.


  3. Damn right Galen, lucky to have Marist. Thank God he doesn’t believe the bullshit they taught in elementary school social studies.

    Keep up the great work Marist!

  4. That’s right. As much as I detest national socialism, it’s not particularly the German people who are destroying the Bill of Rights. It is however, a Jewish thang, involving multiple races. Jew is not a” race”….

  5. The local Broward sheriff & pigs dropped the ball. So we who live nowhere near Florida gotta’ pay!
    When the dems decided insane asylums were “cruel” & all the insane were released to live among us have cause a bunch of these kind of problems. (a lot of them are in office now) Then he worries about those who caused this problem won’t get reelected. Sheesh!

  6. I keep on searching, and digging. No matter what road taken leads to a dead end. I cannot seem to find what I’m searching for.
    Maybe somebody hear can help?
    What I’m looking for is any possible evidence of blessings, good will, civility, technologies, or anything good for that matter, given from the garbage who occupy Palestine, to any other peoples other than themselves.

  7. If you’ll notice, it just went over 100 comments.

    Also, if you’ll notice, my original comment was limited to two words.

    Some can ‘o worms you opened up there, Hal. 🙄

    1. LOL
      No, I meant Benny Hinn (not Hill).
      Toufik Benedictus “Benny” Hinn (born 3 December 1952) is an Israeli televangelist, best known for his regular “Miracle Crusades”—revival meeting or faith healing summits that are usually held in stadiums in major cities, which are later broadcast worldwide on his television program, This Is Your Day.

  8. 44 Hal? High, I’m assuming. 51 high here tomorrow, but way worse before it ever gets up to that. Snow starting around 3 am, low of 23. BRRRRRR!!!
    Monday morning even worse than that… 14.

  9. So who did 9/11? Support the perpetrators and you support the enemy of OUR Bill of Rights and our Republic. It’s really very simple. It was done to strip US of what is left and anyone who assists or promotes the destruction of our Nation is equally guilty. Feel free to give yours away and follow your moshiach with your synagogue of satan, but it will not be an easy fight.

  10. You people are killin me..

    I take a day off…and …

    Somebody armed the people at school with knives and hand guns at recess.

    Now got out in the playground and play nicely.

    Ohhhh…. I’m killin myself…

    This bad scene reminds me of joker in full metal jacket.

    You know…where the general says in front of the lime pit.

    “Inside every gook there’s an American trying to get out”.

    Yeah… the winning of hearts and minds.

    1. ‘Bout time you got here. We’ve had our hands full for two days. I was about to drive to Las Vegas myself and put the gloves on ya.


  11. Where were the vigils in Puerto Rico when 23 of the bodies were flown back there after The Pulse Shooting? Yes almost half of the victims were from Puerto Rico…..Evidence? The only DEAD victim that lived within 100 miles of that night club was the bouncer. I hope I’m not wrong. So incredibly fishy no time here to list the discrepancies and Mateens dad at the Hillary rally a month later.

  12. Is the revival over yet? I want to go have a beer with Jesus.

    Yeah, my savior has a sense of humor. Also, he doesn’t like too many rules.

    Every time we clank our glasses for a toast he just says: “Love God and love each other.” Damn good summary.

    I usually pick up the tab.



    1. #1,
      We saw them. They weren’t wasted. 😉 😀
      “It” was on a tear yesterday. Wasted the time of many Trenchers. (Sorry you missed it. LOL)
      Enough was enough.

    2. ham puff certainly was a special breed of stupid. It’s “questions” were copy/pasted from pro-zionist hasbara troll sites, and what a can to open it was. Gosh, I’ll never call out another scumsucking zio-commie “joo ass-sucker”(copyright Mr. Henry Shivley) ever again! jk

      What a maroon.

    3. Thank you, my friends.

      I rarely get involved in a battle of wits with an unarmed person anymore, but when I do, I do so wholeheartedly. I should have let it go after the first half dozen comments or so, since the POS refused to even look at any evidence we presented. He obviously came for one thing only… to waste our time.

      What the hell, it was fun while it lasted. 🙂

      1. Besides, it was ALL Henry’s fault!!!

        What the hell was he thinking… taking time off from the site??? 😯

        j/k 🙂

        1. He was on a very important mission (IMHO, a much more important task than dealing with that POS).
          He was taking care of diggerdan. 😀
          Just goes to show you what happens when Dad and Mom are away (or even take a few hours to get some sleep). LOL

  13. There’s an old theory out of the east which says that those who give us the hardest time are our best teachers and come bearing gifts. I have found some truth in this, pain-in-the-ass as it may be. I mean, this jousting, if we end it when we choose and are not at the mercy of the opponent, is it not an arena to hone our skills? Some might even go as far as to say Ram Tuff was sent here and arrived right on time. Preachy as it got, I found I learned a lot about all who sat in for a spell. Man, some really strong people on-board.



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