SHOCKING: Joe Biden Discusses the Left’s Globalist Agenda

Published on Aug 25, 2016

The “black box”:… “America is looking for the black box. They’re looking for that thing that allows Americans to remake themselves as a country every generation or two.” Please see:… and… Our very future is at stake!

3 thoughts on “SHOCKING: Joe Biden Discusses the Left’s Globalist Agenda

  1. A new store is opening.
    Morons ‘R Us.
    Buy the stock now while it’s cheap.
    It’s a CryptoZionist currency….like Joe Biden’s mind.
    Backed by nothing of value and completely worthless.

  2. How about querky, “never-met-a-woman-I-didnt-want-to-fondle” uncle joe leaving the U.S.? Personally, I could live without that particular idiot of european stock over here. But have him leave his double barrel 12 ga here for an actual American who knows how to use it.

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