At Least 11 Dead, 1 Cop Wounded, After Shooting At Pittsburgh Synagogue; Gunman Shouted “All Jews Must Die”

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Update (11:25 am ET): Police have cleared the synagogue with a robot and are now seeking to clear it for bombs with a canine.

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Update (11:15 am ET): Police have the shooter in handcuffs and are in the process of clearing the synagogue. According to scanner reports, at least 11 people have been tagged “dead on arrival.”  

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Update (11:11 am ET): The suspect has reportedly surrendered according to police scanner reports. According to police scanner reports, he was armed with a Glock pistol and an AR-15.

At least four people have died and a cop has been shot in the wrist. The suspect is crawling out of the building and communicating with the SWAT team.

According to police, the suspect’s name is Robert Bower. He is 46 years old. He reportedly shouted“all Jews must die” at police after being subdued. The suspect was officially in cuffs as of 11:13 am ET.

More bodies are reportedly being brought out. Police have also found a “military style” package on the first floor.

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With the country still on edge from the flurry of more than a dozen attempted mail bombings of prominent Democratic political figures this past week, as many as eight people have been killed after a gunman opened fire during Shabbat services at a synagogue in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood. The shooter, who is armed with an AK-47, has taken members of the congregation hostage, according to Pittsburgh’s CBS affiliate station.

Officers were forced to hide behind their cars after arriving at Tree of Life Congregation, which islocated on the corner of Wilkens and Shady Avenues, as the gunman opened fire on them. At least 4 have been confirmed dead, and scanner reports suggest the total could already be seven or eight. According to one report, the gunman is holed up on the third floor of the synagogue and is engaged in a gun battle with members of the SWAT team.

As one YouTuber who put the scanner feed online noted, “we’re listening to a terrorist attack in real time.”

Here are some excerpts from the scanner courtesy of RT:

Details of dramatic police standoff with the shooter are emerging via police radio broadcast on the Broadcastify website. An officer at the scene has told his colleagues over the police radio that there are “four down in the atrium.” Another one said “I’ve got one alive.”

“We need armor,” one police officer is heard saying, while another one requested to “open up the back for rescue.”

Saturday is Shabbat in the Jewish faith, and the shooting reportedly took place during a crowded prayer service. According to one local reporter, Tree of Life has one of the largest congregations in the city.

According to the Daily Mirror, the area around the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue and the area surrounding it have been sealed off.

One purported witness said she saw “15+” police cars speeding toward the synagogue.

Locals have been asked to avoid the area. Nearby Carnegie Mellon University is reportedly on lockdown.

7 thoughts on “At Least 11 Dead, 1 Cop Wounded, After Shooting At Pittsburgh Synagogue; Gunman Shouted “All Jews Must Die”

  1. Yes, Bauer is typically a German -jew surname.
    Please keep in mind that they will kill their own to further their agenda…you only need to look back to WW2 to see this. The Russians killed far more than the Germans could have dreamt…and who were the Politburo members making the decisions of the camps? Nearly all jews…giving the orders for the disposal of jews. It has NEVER been about religion, it is about world domination and control.
    The shooter isn’t wrong.

  2. Sounds like another Show presented in full by the Joo, for the Joo, with the casting couch;
    Director Jooo
    Actors Jooo
    Film Crew Jooo
    Sound Jooo
    Camera Jooo
    Props(Swatikas) Jooo
    Grips (nose) Jooo
    Foley Artist Jooo
    Catering(Kosher) Jooo

  3. Oh boy, let’s hear “Jews are the victims” crap, again.

    Another false flag and if not, the Jews deserve it and maybe they’ll think twice about pissing us off. (wishful thinking on the latter, I know).

  4. “Military style package” – Check!
    “AK-47” changed to “AR-15” – Check!
    Robert Bower – More like Robert Bauer – JEW!

    “As one YouTuber who put the scanner feed online noted, “we’re listening to a terrorist attack in real time.””

    Seriously? You call THIS a terrorist attack? What a joke.

    I remember when a terrorist was someone who blew up a plane or a building for political purposes and money.

    This guy just didn’t like Jews. Nothing political about that. Hell, he didn’t even ask for money.

    This world’s so screwed up.

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