Shootings In America – Inundated By The Propaganda Nazis

Never before have American Nationals been bombarded by so much insanity like we are experiencing today. It seems that there are young terrorists filled with hate around every corner, ready to kill anybody who gets in their way.  It seems incredible how  the new world order Nazis are hell bent, to splash this over all and any public resource possible, idea being to get and abolish our guns and gun rights, and resend the 2nd Article, no matter the cost. 

Never before in history have we had to endure as much as this hog wash we are being inundated with today. These stories, and made for movie scripts are the new norm, incredibly becoming an everyday occurrence.

American Nationals, and many others around the globe are beginning to wonder how the American news propaganda outlets get away with this new weapon against the 2nd amendment. Seemingly far from reality as these stories are incredibly naive for us all to swallow.

The right to bear arms has never before been under attack as it is today. Even though Americans have more weapons in their possession than ever before, to part with them is committing suicide.

The paid for kings inside America, the ones who want to lord over just can’t seem to get it through their crowns, that to take our guns,  or resending the 2nd article is committing suicide upon everything sacred in America, as our Bill of Rights rules over all else.

Let’s not forget, our right to bear arms is sacred, nothing will ever take that right away, not even the made for movie scripts we are forced to insure more and more these days.

The new world order crowd are left scratching their head, hell bent on lording over, subjugating us all, taking our rights we have held dear for hundreds of years.

We are told to accept men dressed as women, women dressed as men, gay behavior in front of our kids. Teaching our kids to accept this garbage, being taught this in public schools.

Get ready; it’s going to get worse, not better. Our guns will never leave our side, as Americans are starting to figure out what the hell is really going on here.

We understand the end run around our right to bear arms, and the total abolishment of the 2nd Article, the only thing that keeps us all truly free.

4 thoughts on “Shootings In America – Inundated By The Propaganda Nazis

  1. “… the only thing that keeps us all truly free.”

    But we’re not, and never have been.

    And won’t be, until most everyone figures out that it’s PAST time to use those weapons against our oppressors.

  2. So few public figures would openly speak this way after the insane weekend we all just had. But this is the most important time to do so, regardless of flack or push-back. This is really the time when it has to be screamed.

    Thank you for screaming, Mark. Maybe it can become “The scream heard ’round the world.”



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