Size Matters!

This beauty is the biggest fish I’ve caught since moving here. It was caught yesterday on Rainbow Turbo Power Bait (with my own glitter added), on 4 lb. test. I honestly don’t know what it weighed, but it is 19 ins. from tooth to tail. The other three are what I usually end up with.

9 thoughts on “Size Matters!

    1. Other than salmon, my favorite fresh water eating fish, Koyote. 🙂

      I think it’s time to go catch some more.

    1. That’s all I ever fish with, Mark, at least from shore.

      If I go out in a boat to deeper water, I’ll use 6 lb. test. I believe in giving the fish a fighting chance. As long as the drag is set properly, and the line isn’t compromised (no nicks), I can land any fish twice the test limit weight of the line.

      Just have to wear ’em out. 🙂

  1. Nice catch!!
    More importantly, I’m glad you got out to do some fishing, Hatr.

    I’m about 200 yards from the water, and I bought a new rod last summer that hasn’t even gotten wet yet.

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