So they never found a way to isolate COVID 19 through testing. If I’m wrong. Post the data that they isolated COVID 19.

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That being said. Common Cold and the Flu both include the Corona virus family.

Since they can’t isolate COVID 19 and tests can only pick up anything within the Corona family. Are they counting anything picking up Corona family as COVID 19?

Hospitals are making huge money via billing insurance for Covid 19 patients. Do they make as much if they classify anyone as Flu or common cold patients?

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If you call your primary doctor, do they not ask you if you have a cough, a sore throat, or a fever? If you say yes? Do they not tell you to go to the emergency room?

So now you need to understand why the World Health Organization stopped counting Flu cases around April 2020 on. Did COVID 19 cure the Flu? Or did FLU cases start getting counted as COVID 19?


I’m just going to start here… Is a Harvard source OK? Or is that a little to conspiracy theory?

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4 thoughts on “So they never found a way to isolate COVID 19 through testing. If I’m wrong. Post the data that they isolated COVID 19.

  1. Harvard is not a reliable source.
    They are co-conspirators in this genocidal fraud.
    Not only has sars cov2 never been properly purified and isolated but NONE of the major “ diseases” where a “ vaccine” was manufactured have ever been properly purified and isolated !
    Not one!!!
    They changed the definition of what a vaccine is and they changed the definition of isolation.
    Poisoning a cell culture proves nothing!
    But a whole lot of people sure are getting really wealthy from these really big lies!
    For those who might be on the fence :
    Dr. Vernon Coleman
    Dr. Andrew Kaufman
    Dr. Tom Cowan
    Dr. Judy Mitkovits
    The Invisible Rainbow – Arthur Firstenberg
    Good-bye Germ Theory- Dr. William P. Trebing

  2. Another thing that I feel doesn’t get enough attention.
    The gain of function studies done in Wu-Han ( That Fauci had direct involvement in) preceded the world knowing anything about CV-19. Wu-Han forced “ vaccinated its people just months before it rolled out 5-G.
    5-G plus graphene oxide nano particles equals electroporation.
    In other words. Strengthen your immune system, stick to wired connections and stay away from quackzeens!

  3. Excellent and if you search for the Isolation studies you find but a few and they do not amount to an isolated CV19 viral specific

    The most recent claim of Isolation came out of Australia and they were not able to extract it, so they had to add something to it in order to extract what they claim is CV19

    All fkn hokum

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