15 thoughts on “Solidarity and Reflection

  1. When your out here all by your lonesome, you start to thinking about all kinds of things. Lately with me it’s been about lifes mistakes, mishaps etc. Too much time to think…No better place to do it I guess than the middle of nowhere.

    Speed said zero on the GPS because I was stopped when I took that shot. The other on top, I was rolling.

    1. Hey Mark, speakin’ of life’s mistakes, I sure have a bag full of them. I bet everyone does. But look where we arrived, right at The Trench, a place of no-nonsense, of grit, and the deepest love for freedom. Since, in addition to our beloved Bill of Rights, we embrace The Common Law, which to me speaks of ethics, of decency, that tells me we must be good people. Not perfect. No one is. But we must have done something right to end up here. Thanks for your openness. It balances all the toughness we daily have to summon. Here’s a crazy road song for ya:



      1. Yes Galen,

        The Trenches is home to Freedom lovers. No doubt It’s been our home for many, many years now. 🙂

        One hell of a great bunch of people.

  2. I am on that map. North of the border. I love Montana. Safe drive Mark.I hit a huge raccoon up on the the I-2 a few years back. Wrecked the front of my little Honda – LOL

    1. I love Montana too Jim. The more I’m here, the more I love it. Upper northwest American states are unbelievably beautiful.

      I was in Wyoming as you can see, also beautiful. I’m in Butte, MT currently on my 10 hr break, 490 miles from my first Washington state drop.

  3. Mark, you should make a scrap book of all the pictures you take and make your own travel book or something. You got awesome snapshots.

    1. I’m hopeing you guys are saving them, this is all for you guys, I see this stuff every day..

      They belong to the site as far as I’m concerned.

      Save them for wall paper for your screens.

  4. I don’t know if there are necessarily “mistakes” in life, rather, I like to think that there are simply “life experiences” that shape us over the course of our lives into the people that we are. Life is a journey, not a destination.

    1. Sure is a damn short journey isn’t it? 60 years went by in a flash, I just hope our agenda here at the Trenches gets accomplished while we are both here to witness it. Nothing could be more satisfying.

      I’m not holding my breath.

      1. Wishing you and the Trenchers many more years Mark. It must get lonely out there, don’t know how you do it. Thanks for all you do to make this website great. There literally is NO truth on the net anymore.

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