Some videoes from Suspicious Observers on cosmic disaster, plasma cosmology and climate forcing.

Good info and from the same people who showed dorian would stall and miss florida a.week before as well as get earthquake predictions right at world record levels.

12 thoughts on “Some videoes from Suspicious Observers on cosmic disaster, plasma cosmology and climate forcing.

  1. Ben Davidson = ‘jew’

    Connected with Doug Vogt of Diehold Foundation = ‘jew’

    Am wary of their info. However the classification of Chan Thomas’ the Adam and Eve story by the CIA is indeed interesting.

    As is what the Chinese found on the far side of the moon. Most probably melted glass.

    Not sure what to make of the sun novas every 12068yrs theory.


      1. That should have been a question mark after “such”. Also, nothing wrong with Asians, just mentioned this because I don’t know if Asians are jooish and I thought they try and not marry outside of their own.

      2. joos LOVE Asian women. I can’t say for certain, but the connection between “cauc-asian” caucuses mountains and khazaria. It wouldn’t surprise me if the assignment of the term to primarily “white” people is actually an assignation to the ashke-NAZI, given they feel joos are the only “humans” because only they have a soul. They were also “honorary Aryans”, as per the nazi party. Just a thought.

  2. Interesting direction these comments took. Lol .I did not expect joos and asians to be the main topic. Lol. I

    Ive been watching the daily videos for at least 7 years. there is a ton of information. They also have an amazing track record at predicting 6.0+ earthquakes.

  3. Check out the Iron Mountsin Report and when it was “written”.
    Parallels with the Chan Thomas “book” and its timing are something to the think about.

    1. Commissioned by JFK in 1962, it wasn’t released until 1966.

      The main objective was to devise situations that could be construed as credible GLOBAL THREATS to ALL of humanity.

      And the top contender?

      ‘Climate change’ (which they’ve actually reverted BACK TO, after their ‘global warming’ bullsh#t).

      That aside, however, I find their SECOND CHOICE far more interesting, and am actually looking forward to it.

  4. Chan thomas is an interesting cat.
    Seems his publishing house never existed.
    The address was in the government district of LAX
    He wrote one other book on natural childbirth.
    And was on Johnny Carson for the childbirth book.
    However I can’t seem to find the episode in the episode archive.

    His story is quite something. And so is Ken White’s World in Peril.
    Which also speaks of catastrophe during pole shifts.

    Also listened to all of Doug Vogt’s series on the matter. Read Velikovsky and Dwardu Cardona.
    All very interesting.

    Not sure what to make of it all.

    This shows plasma discharge on the moon 🙂

    What a strange reality.


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