Police: Family worried after finding military weapons in elderly couple’s Montgomery County home


LOWER GWYNEDD TWP., Pa. (WPVI) — Family members helping an elderly couple clean out their home became concerned when they discovered multiple military ordnance items and firearms inside, police said.

The Lower Gwynedd Township Police Department responded Thursday afternoon to the home on the 400 block of Houston Road. 

“While most of the items were collectible in nature, extreme precautions were taken in removing the items from the home for safe disposal,” police said in a statement.

Police said the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Bomb and Hazardous Device Disposal Unit, FBI, ATF and Department of Defense all responded to the home per proper protocol and procedure.

They said the home took several hours to clear.

“The family has been cooperative and there are no pending criminal charges at this time,” police said.

From Chopper 6, authorities could be seen carrying out dozens of rifles, boxes of ammunition and even an array of bombs and mortars – much to the shock of neighbors who said the home belongs to a Vietnam veteran.

Authorities set up tables to catalogue all the material removed from the home. One of their SUVs was stuffed with rifles they removed, cases and cases of ammo and even a couple of swords.

The Wissahickon Fire Company, Community Ambulance Association of Ambler and the Plymouth Community Ambulance Association also assisted.


10 thoughts on “Police: Family worried after finding military weapons in elderly couple’s Montgomery County home

    1. “This guy knew how to deal with pigs”

      Awesome! As a Vietnam Vet, this guy sure as heck wasn’t gonna be punked around by some uniformed clown! I wonder what the outcome was here. I hope he’s living free as a bird!

      This dude is a super hero!! He defended his Bill of Rights ON THE SPOT!

      1. My friend and I cheered and hi-fived! Should be mandatory viewing for wannabe kings men.

        This story is less than 10 miles from me. That’s why I submitted it. A lot of this shite is ramping up near me, and I know it’s because I live close to filthadelphia and all, so they’re saturating the masses with this B.S. propaganda to normalize it. Bastards.

  1. Seems to me he was saving his dog from getting murdered , and quite possibly himself
    So a justifiable action on the mans part

    Yeah , we fear for our lives too , especially around these punks

    Funny to listen to the pig go from henchmen boss shouting orders to Pusey in such a short time

    Sucks when your losing the fight you started

  2. In the town of Lansdale, which neighbors Lower Gwynned, a customer told me of an old woman who had a Schmeisser that was found hidden in her home by workmen. She took it to the p.d. and turned it in. She then found out it could be valuable and “legal” so returned the next day to see what if anything could be done to get it back. They had NO idea what she was even talking about. ..Schmeisser? What Schmeisser?

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