St. Louis Business School Shooting: Police Respond To Stevens Institute of Business and Arts

Gee, the day before Obama’s announcement and there’s another school shooting. Imagine that. What timing.

Huffington Post

Authorities responded to a shooting at Stevens Institute of Business and Arts in downtown St. Louis on Tuesday.

The suspect, a currently enrolled student, allegedly shot one administrator before fleeing to a stairwell and turning the gun on himself, according to a police briefing broadcasted by KMOX.

Both the suspect and victim were transported to St. Louis University Hospital, according to KMOV.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said that the alleged shooter and wounded administrator did previously know each other.

“He was familiar to faculty and staff,” Dotson said in a press conference. “The victim and the shooter were familiar with each other. They knew each other. This did not appear to be random.”

Dotson added that the weapon — a handgun — was found in the alleged shooter’s possession, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

Police said that no other students were injured in the incident, which occurred at approximately 2 p.m. SWAT units checked each floor of the school and secured the building after finding no other victims. About 40 students were escorted from the building.

Stevens Institute of Business and Arts has an enrollment of approximately 180 students.

From the Associated Press:

Among the students taking refuge was 24-year-old Britanee Jones. She declined to speak to reporters, but her mother, Angae Lowery, said Jones texted a friend, who alerted Lowery.”She sent a text message and said a gunman was in the building,” Lowery said after greeting her daughter with a screech of joy and a hug. “She saw him (the gunman) go by the classroom.

“I’m so happy to see her come out of there,” Lowery said. I’m relieved.”

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