17 thoughts on “Steve Apple Shows up in his Court Clothes

    1. How do you know it wasnt that tasty bear on the wall that chewed em off LOL,I scrape my face when the sun gets hot,basically six months on and six months nearly clean shaven.
      chk your email

  1. Stevie, Stevie, Stevie… Do you really thing that the Judge (oop’s I mean private contractor administration gatekeeper) is really intelligent enough to understand that kind of sign language, when you know that he was to busy looking at your wallet trying to figure out how he was going to empty it for betterment of the FIRM.
    Buahahaha!!!! I love it

    You should have told the Star Chamber.. Oop’s I mean court, That you request a court interpreter, and when they ask what for, you tell them, apparently you guys don’t understand the sign language the accused brings to the court. A message from WE THE PEOPLE of America HAHAHA

    1. Hey Dog,I am a verbal type of guy and you can bet yer ass I told him F U in open court,when warned about my language I replied if you sum bitches dont like the way I talk dont fkn invite me here to try and steal my money,when I went out to smoke they sent my buddy out with my papers and cameras and had him ask me NOT TO COME BACK IN as all charges (phoney made up loud exhaust & seatbelt fine even though immediatly after being pulled over I jumped out of car with my hands up) at first the pig said I was speeding to which I replied you are a fkn liar,my cruise was set and I can pull the data out of the cars onboard computor(cops are so fkn dumb as a 97 lesabre does not have data retrieval system like 2000 and up cars) thats when he returned with the ” excessively loud exhaust ticket which was a lie as my car only registers 87 decibels.so you know I live a simple life basically livin on FAITH ie no steady income,retirement chk or any savings but I am well taken care of by the CREATOR which is to say I have never went to bed hungry.

      1. Same with me, Steve. I have no worldly income(employment), retirement, SSI, food stamps, unemployment, etc. I try to live by the Kingdom principles of our Creator God, also. The only time it hasn’t worked for me is when I tell Jesus to get in the backseat or the car, that I am driving the car now. When It really gets bad is when I don’t even stop the car anymore and pickup Jesus, and I go it alone. Then when I crash the car and wreak myself, and I let Jesus drive again and he has to straighten out the mess I have made. I have finally learned to depend on just letting him drive the car. Do ya know what I mean?
        Can I get a witness!

        1. Hey Dog,I may be wrong but I think/know Its evil that should be told to get behind ,just my take on things. on a lighter note(from a hardcore DODGE GUY) I THOUGHT THAT JESUS WALKED EVERY WHERE HE WENT SO I ALWAY FIGURED HIS CAR WAS A FORD LOL

          1. Buahahaha!!!, now that was funny!

            But, in all seriousness… Jesus drives in class, he drives a classic chevy truck! lolol

    1. Hey Millard
      I told Henry he should make and sell these here on the trenches,(all patriots should wear one,we could sure see who our fellow patriots are)his monetary worries would be over in 2 minutes if he could keep up with DEMAND as I believe they would sell like hotcakes.

      1. I’ll order 100 and they would be gone in a couple days Steve. Maybe add NWO above or below the sign language. Or Obama. Just a thought.

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